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I’d like to offer my public and profuse thanks to the Danish Delphi Developers group – and most notably MVP Jens Fudge and his family – for their wonderful hospitality while I was in Denmark presenting at the DAPUG group.  I talked for two days and had a great time.  They were also kind enough to allow me to bring my 13 year old daughter along, who had a great time and a great experience.  It was my third trip there and it’s always a very, very pleasant and enjoyable time.  (Hidden secret of the conference:  The hotel is magnificent and the food – oh, the food!  — is incredible.)  Anyway, thanks very much to all involved, and again, to Jens for his always superior kindness and hospitality.  I seriously think that most people don’t understand Markdown.  Markdown is supposed to be human readable and human writable.  You aren’t supposed to need a special tool to use it.  It’s so simple that you should be able to deal with it just fine in Notepad. I was honored to be the MVP of the Week this week.  The best part was a chance to chat with my good friend Jim McKeeth on the Delphi Podcast.  I don’t think it is posted yet, but I’ll publish the link when it is. I appreciate all the kind words. Baoquan Zuo has released a fantastic new IDE tool – CodeInsightPlus.  This thing is pure gold.  Go out and get it right now. My typing speed easily doubled with this thing, even over regular Code Insight.  My favorite feature is when you have a class named “TWidgetDatabaseProcessor” and you type “twdp” and then hit enter and it finds it and completes it.  And that just touches the surface of what it will do.  Seriously, this is really cool.   When you add this to the stuff coming from Parnassus, Source Oddity, and others, it’s a great time for the Delphi IDE.  In a related matter, Delphi developer David Hoyle has released a very nice and very useful book on the IDE’s Open Tools API (OTAPI).   The best part it is actually a free PDF download.  Well worth a look.  (And David, if you want to actually publish and sell this marvelous book, please let me know. I can make that happen.) Not that anyone probably cares, and not to be too much of a martyr, but I’ve quit the Delphi non-tech group.  It was just getting so tiring, and I didn’t like how it kind of made me obnoxious. I fully confess I was addicted to reading and posting there.  I decided it wasn’t a productive use of my time, and won’t be posting there anymore.  Like I said, maybe no one cares, maybe people are happy.  All I know is my blood pressure is reduced.  ?  If you want to find me, I’m active on the Delphi Developers Google Plus community. Does anyone know what the hell this “Delphi Parser” thing is? Are you getting emails on it? They’ve been sending me advertising emails, and I don’t have any idea who they are or what they do.  I do know they win the prize for “The Most Expensive Delphi Tool of All Time.”  Am I missing something? Have you donated to your favorite productivity tool lately?  I just made a humble donation to Test Insight.  I really like it, and so I donated.  I encourage you to do the same for your favorite tool or framework, whether it be for a Delphi tool or framework, or a general utility, or whatever.  If we all started making donations – even small ones – to those folks who make our developing and computing experiences better, well, I think that would be a good thing. Go on, do it right now.
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