Five ThingConnect IoT Devices You Can Easily Integrate With Your Apps

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If you are looking to wire up your home or office with smart technologies there are a number of devices that you can easily connect to and control from Delphi and C++Builder. These smart IoT devices that are part of ThingConnect. Bluetooth LE and Z-Wave are two technologies that are supported by ThingConnect. Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) or Smart Bluetooth provides a new environment for devices with small amount of data to transfer and lower power consumption. The Z-Wave protocol is an inter-operable, wireless, RF-based communications technology designed specifically for control, monitoring and status reading applications in residential and light commercial environments. 

Components to connect with these ThingConnect devices can be downloaded from the GetIt Package Manager. Obviously you will need to have the device to be able to connect with it as well. When you install the package for each device from GetIt you will also get a demo app that you can load up and start testing with right away. The five devices we are going to highlight are the GoControl Light Bulb, the Trane Home Thermostat, the Aeon Labs Smart Switch, the Kwikset Deadbolt, and a Leviton Smart Switch. Using these five devices you can control the temperature in your home or office, turn the lights on and off, control the power sockets, control the locks on the doors, and control switches.

The GoControl Light Bulb is a Z-Wave LED bulb from LinearLinc. This device allows you to turn the bulb On/Off or use its dimming features to adjust up to 100 levels of brightness.

The Trane Home Thermostat is a Z-Wave wireless digital thermostat from Trane. This device allows you to remotely control the heating, the cooling and the general energy usage of your home.

The Aeon Labs Smart Switch is a smart socket from Aeon that lets you wirelessly control whatever is plugged into it. This Z-Wave component allows you to control any plug-in device, monitor its energy consumption, and simultaneously charge a USB device.

The Kwikset Deadbolt is a smart deadbolt from Kwikset. This component allows the user through a web enabled device to remotely lock or unlock the door, check the door lock status and receive text or email messages.

The Leviton Smart Switch is a smart lighting control system from Leviton. The inclusion of this switch on a Z-Wave network allows remote On/Off control and dimming of loads connected.


Head over and check out all of the different devices for ThingConnect that are available through the GetIt Package Manager.


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