FireMonkey Styles with Eugene Kryukov, webinar (recording)

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This video replays the webinar with Eugene Kryukov, one of FireMonkey architect and developer, on styles.

... and you'll see:

  • Styles is a fundamental mechanism, it's a must to use FireMonkey proper way and with maximum effectiveness.

  • Styles is not just skins.

  • Styles fully define the design of a control and its partial functionality. Here "partial functionality" means "visual behavior".

  • A component should always have some style. The component is structurally empty, if it doesn't possess a style.

  • There are different style types: "by default" and "custom".

  • A style can be built in the application, can be stored in an external file, but this difference is about storage only.

  • Styles can't be purely arbitrary, as they define the "visual functionality". Inventing a style, one should think over a particular component.

  • Styles are very flexible and universal mechanism, which needs deep understanding.


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