FireMonkey in Lier (Belgium)

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FireMonkey is busy;-)

I'm just back from Belgium where I was presenting FireMonkey, Delphi and RAD Studio XE2 in Lier at the event organized by Embarcadero-Benelux and PeopleWare. PeopleWare work closely with Embarcadero providing Delphi expertise to customers in Belgium.

There are a lot discussions among developers which technologies to choose and to me it is becoming clear that there is nothing like native C++ and Delphi development for mobile and desktop.

For simple applications that do not require graphically rich, interactive interfaces there will be more and more pure HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript applications out there. Both web apps and their mobile versions created using technologies like PhoneGap, which is integrated into RadPHP - part of Embarcadero RAD Studio.

For anything else there is FireMonkey, which is truly a technology available on the market today, which is clearly ahead of the competition. Think: native apps compiled from the same source code to Windows, Mac OSX and iOS!

It took 10 minutes to create from scratch a star-field simulation program and compile it for all these platforms!

It is such a great fun to be able to use Delphi XE2 running in Windows virtual machine and deploy applications directly to iPad and iPhone!

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