FireMonkey in Hoofddorp (NL) and Prague (CZ)

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Go FireMonkey! That seems to be my motto recently. On the road again. Yesterday I was doing RAD Studio XE2 / Delphi XE2 / FireMonkey event in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands and it was big fun!

Today I was presenting in Prague and probably for the first in a regular cinema:-)

Everybody gets it! You only need to know one thing! Use Delphi or C++ to create native, compiled, super fast and super great looking application for multiple platforms from the very same source code!

After last week I found myself spending more and more time working with Delphi iOS applications. It is completely new world of programming! I'm especially excited that you can easily use iPhone/iPad sensors in Delphi XE2 applications! My favorite is accelerometer:-)

Brian Long has a very nice collection of links to different Delphi iOS resources, including Anders' iOS components that are simply a must to download and install if you are serious about iOS in Delphi XE2.

See you tomorrow at the "Developer Direct" live webinar at 11am Amsterdam time. We are going to discuss "RAD Cloud" services in RAD Studio XE2. I feel it is going to be fun:-)

Time for boarding!

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    Thomas Friday, 22 June 2012

    Hey Pawel, did you get a chance to look at the appcelerator "kitchensink"?

    Also, you were dragging components around to set parent/child in the topleft side of the window. I've grabbed a test version of XE2, but it's not showing this same behaviour. Is it a non default setting - or were you using a newer version of XE2 (perhaps XE3?).

    I also noticed Ctrl+Z still doesn't undo item movement in the designer ;)

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