FireDAC Update auf 8.0.5 verfügbar

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Das FireDAC Update 8.0.5 ist mit etlichen Verbesserungen unter verfügbar. Hier (einige/die) Änderungen:
v (28.05.13)

+ added: ADDataSet: EmptyView method to delete all filtered records
- fixed: ADDataSet: AV when dataset serialization failed at stream creating
- fixed: ADDataSet: TField.Required may be True for a field with a DB default value
- fixed: ADDataSet: after several Append's / SaveToStream / Delete's / LoadFromStream rows are in invalid state
- fixed: ExprFuncs: {LENGTH(col)} | {CHAR_LENGTH(col)} returns NULL for empty strings instead of 0
- fixed: DatS: possible AV (SIGSEGV(11)) at dtAnsiString comparision on a Posix (Mac OS, iOS) system
- fixed: DatS: possible "assertion failure" at row deletion with a sorted view

- fixed: Phys: possible AV at preparing a query after AbortJob was called for async query
- fixed: Phys: "is not a valid floating point value" possible on fetching Currency / Float columns
- fixed: Phys: StrsTrim trims non-space characters, eg CR / LF
- fixed: Phys: error possible on sending a BLOB / binary value of zero length and StrsEmpty2Null=False
- fixed: Phys: TADParam.AsAnsiString = '' is converted to NULL disregarding FormatOptions.StrsEmpty2Null
- fixed: Phys: "Delete command deleted [0] instead of [1] record" when deleting several records without PK fields and with NULL values in the fields

- fixed: Moni: flat file tracing fails to produce an output file on Mac OS X using a default path

+ added: IB: InterBase 2007 UNICODE_BE and UNICODE_LE support
- fixed: FB / IB: services are broken. "Invalid clumplet buffer structure" error or any attempt to execute a service.
- fixed: IB: "Fetch command returned [0] instead of [1] rows" error with TADTable

- fixed: SQLite: "Invalid argument to time encode" at time value with fractional part with more than 3 digitis

- fixed: Oracle: initial "connection lost" exception is replaced by "ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE" at failed SQL command execution

+ added: ODBC: support for SolidDB

- fixed: DataSnap: several incompatibilities with DataSnap XE4

- fixed: Installer: does not uninstall / overwrite existing read-only files, eg uADStanCipher.dcu and sqlite3.obj



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