Fire up your business and users with RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin's “Enterprise Strong” Desktop, Mobile, Database, Server, Cloud and IoT Solutions

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Fire up your business and users with RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin's “Enterprise Strong” Desktop, Mobile, Database, Server, Cloud and IoT Solutions

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Webinar Replay(s):

You can find the complete webinar replay (with Q&A and the end) and the seven separate presentation parts on the Embarcadero YouTube Channel (EmbarcaderoTechNet):


This technical webinar goes deep into RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin’s new support for the latest enterprise database technologies, REST-based services, cloud services and the Internet of Things. Source code demos will show you how to access the latest enterprise SQL databases and MongoDB NoSQL database. You will see source code demos that will show you how to access the latest major enterprise SQL databases and MongoDB NoSQL database. You’ll learn how to write your own applications that integrate data from multiple IoT devices into your desktop, server and cloud applications. You’ll see how to rapidly create REST based endpoints that can be called from Delphi, C++ and other programming languages.

During this webinar you’ll learn how to develop cutting edge desktop, mobile, server and cloud based applications using:

  • FireDAC’s optimized database access for all the latest major enterprise RDBMS including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MongoDB
  • ThingConnect IoT component support a wide array of devices including health monitoring, home automation, fitness tracking, industrial and security sensors. ThingConnect data can be used to in local and distributed device monitoring solutions.
  • RAD Server (built on EMS core technology) support for cross domain API calls, creation of ThingPoint Edge Services, Swagger open API with YAML and JSON representations for API testing and documentation generation, execution on IIS and Apache web production environment servers.
  • Integrating cloud based development into your enterprise and IoT solutions using the latest Amazon and Azure cloud API support for storage, messaging and services.
  • And More…

Join the Embarcadero Evangelism team for this webinar replay loaded with technical demonstrations. The team also answers attendee questions at the end of the video.


  • David Intersimone “David I” - Embarcadero Chief Evangelist
  • Jim McKeeth - Embarcadero Global Lead Developer Evangelist and Engineer
  • Al Mannarino - Embarcadero Principal Software Consultant
  • Stephen Ball - Embarcadero Associate Product Manager (InterBase) and Senior Sales Consultant RAD
  • Pawel Glowacki - Embarcadero Senior Software Consultant and EMEA Technical Lead for Delphi and RAD Studio


Slides and Sample Projects are available on CodeCentral at


Additional Resources/Links: (more will be added over time during and after the webinar)




RAD Server/EMS:

RAD Server/EMS/Swagger/YAML:


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