Fast Apps Fast at Android Dev Days in Ankara

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I'm in sunny Ankara, the capital of Turkey, for the Android Developer Days 2015 conference. Embarcadero has its booth here and I had a pleasure to do two live sessions yesterday to young and happy developers.

The first session was about developing "Fast Apps Fast" with Delphi XE8 and it attracted more people that could possibly fit into the presentation room. The second session was about building Delphi XE8 proximity-aware apps with new "TBeacon" component. I like good energy of this conference. Attendees are happy, smiling and open for new ideas and technologies. It was all about the main message of Delphi XE8 development: building natively compiled, fast apps for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac from the very same source code using re-usable components for superior developer productivity. I have used "Master/Detail" template Delphi XE8 multi-device project to demonstrate the FireUI form designer with new XE8 mobile previews with "multi view" component that adapts itself to the size and orientation of the screen. That was followed by a simple interactive 3D visualisation of rotating Earth in deep space!

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The beacon session was fun as well. It is a brand new world for creating new generation mobile apps. The use cases for beacons are countless. I was talking about new "Amsterdam Beacon Mile" project and it seemed to resonate well in the audience. Of course there was a live demonstration of an Android app running on my Nexus 7 and receiving events from a small USB beacon. It was really fun!

Next week I'm teaming up with Danny Wind for "Expand Your Business with IoT and Mobile" events in the Netherlands and Belgium. More info at here.

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