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The Delphi event for this week for me is clearly "Delphi Festival 2016" that I'm sitting on right now close to Utrecht in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. The theme for the conference is "Enjoy the Code" and it is a proper, full scale international conference with three simultaneous tracks, vendor booths and plenty of big names from Delphi community. One of the key things Delphi developers want to see on conferences like this is that Delphi is going in the right direction. For many of them Delphi is their life.

Today I was invited to do the keynote presentation on behalf of Embarcadero on Delphi vision, what's new and what we are cooking in the R&D labs. For many Delphi developers there are two worlds they live in: the current world and the future world. The "current world" frequently means developing Delphi VCL applications typically communicating with a relational SQL database. The "future world" is quite often mobile Delphi development, cloud and IoT integration. Both worlds coexist happily next to each other inside Delphi IDE. There are new things for both worlds.

In the first part of the keynote it was more "down to earth" features like new installer experience in the latest 10.1 Berlin version, GetIt Package Manager and the return of the floating forms designer. I was showing VCL sample with Windows 10 components using custom styling.

The second part was about mobile and IoT. I have invited a special guest to present during this part of the keynote - Jonathan Carter from IoT Living Lab in Amsterdam. Jonathan introduced Delphi developers in the audience to Amsterdam Open Beacon Network project that was officially launched just last week.

The last part of the keynote was on Delphi Roadmap and Q&A. Marco Cantu, Delphi Product Manager, recorded a short video with the preview of upcoming Linux support in Delphi and it was very warmly received by the audience. Just yesterday the Update 1 to Delphi 10.1 Berlin has been released with the support to the latest supported operating systems including iOS 10, Android Nougat, Mac OSX Sierra and Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

Right after the keynote there was a short session on an interesting project "Pascal" to "JavaScript" compiler presented by Mattias Gartner and Detlef Overbeek from Blaise Pascal Magazine. During the lunch break everybody had an opportunity to visit different booths from different companies like Delphi Experts, Gnostice, The Delphi Company, TMS Software and other.

Life is about choices. This is dramatically evident on conferences with simultaneous tracks.

For the first session I have decided to see Boian Mitov talking how to do artificial intelligence (AI) in Delphi. It was all about training neural networks, classifiers and so on. Interesting stuff. Boian is always full of ideas and it is great to see him in action:-)

The second session that I have decided to go for was on Spring4D framework. I remember Nick Hodges doing CodeRage presentation on dependancy injection that I liked. Spring4D was presented by its main contributor Stefan Glienke who is Delphi MVP and the Embarcadero MVP of the Year 2015. The presentation was very easy to follow and Stefan explained what Spring4D is. Not really a framework but rather collection of useful Delphi stuff to use in Delphi things like multicast events, nullable types, dependancy injections and object-relational mappers.

The third session was on consuming REST API in Delphi by Olaf Monien from Developer Experts. Listening to Olaf is a great experience. He explains things clearly and to the point. Everybody recently understands after the session why "The Whole World Speaks REST":-)

The closing session was a great opportunity to win some goodies including a drone. Great conference! Thanks to Barnsten team for organizing it and for Delphi programmers for being so passionate!

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