Enabling Enterprise Agility Through Model-Driven Data Design

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This is an excerpt from the IDC Technology Spotlight June 2015 report, Enabling Enterprise Agility Through Model-Driven Data Design. This paper examines the growing importance of model-driven processes for database design and management. You can download the entire report here.


Data models that are grounded in meaningful business context can ensure ease of database development and data sharing. The capability for integration of data models and their related metadata should support the development of databases and data stores in a number of paradigms, including relational and document oriented. Data so governed becomes sharable and manageable across systems with much less effort than manual ETL rule coding requires.IDCSpotlight Feature NewTitle

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Managing databases at the model level becomes even more important when one considers the much greater degree to which internally managed data in both relational and non-relational (NoSQL) sources will be integrated with data from other sources. To address these needs, organizations must standardize on a system for developing, managing, and sharing data models. The benefits that accrue from this capability include more consistent and reliable data management with increased data quality across the enterprise.

ER/Studio from Embarcadero Technologies is a data modeling and architecture solution that incorporates the latest capabilities that reflect decades of evolving expertise and experience in managing enterprise data. This suite is intended not only to support data modeling and database design but also to facilitate sharing of data definitions in the context of their business meanings throughout the organization.


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