Embarcadero Tokyo Developer Camp RAD Studio XE2 presentation replays

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Last month, I was in Tokyo Japan for the 20th Embarcadero Developer Camp, presented by Embarcadero Japan.  The all day event took place in the Akihabara area of Tokyo (the massive electronics and software playground).  During the day, I gave several RAD Studio XE2 presentations and demonstrations that were recorded and now the replays are available on YouTube - with Japanese sub-titles :)

RAD Studio XE2 Overview presentation on YouTube:

Also, check out the pulse pounding "Creating a FireMonkey app with a 3D cube" music video (in 4 minutes and 3 seconds) … without writing code. The demo uses the Japanese IDE but you should be able to follow the action:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7K83VdFPbg

You can find additional Embarcadero Japan videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/EmbarcaderoTechJapan

Special thanks goes to the developers who presented their 5 minute development lightning talks at the end of the long day:

  • Satoru Yamamoto : Delphi Prism application that works on the Web for a lot of PC power management

  • Satoshi Yamamoto : Simple 3D programming in Delphi using GLScene

  • Hikaru Fukushi : Implementing the State Pattern in Delphi

  • Hiroshi Honda : Small tips and personal recommendations

  • Jun Horikawa : Connecting the Android terminal and Delphi subtly!

  • Koichi Tatsuki : Full text search that is implemented ngram system components

Thank you to all of the attendees, presenters, and partners that were in attendence at our 20th Tokyo Developer Camp in Akihabara and to the Embarcadero Japan team for making it a wonderful event.

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