Embarcadero Development Tools Reorganization?

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Item 1:

Nick Hodges has a new role/job title.
Item 2:

During his presentation to the Columbus Architecture Group a couple of weeks ago, Mike Rozlog handed out business cards which gave his title as "Senior Project Manager, Java Tools." He told us that in a couple of days he would have new business cards, because his role was changing. He didn't tell us precisely what the new role would be, but I got the feeling that, like Nick, he was happy with the change.

Now, it is of course possible that these two changes happening so close together is merely a coincidence. But my personal speculation is that there are bigger plans afoot, and I'm glad to see that Mike and Nick, two people I trust, seem to be happy with them.

Repeat: This is just my personal speculation. It is based on the evidence above, not inside information. I could be wrong.


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