DevExpress XE2 Plans

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Some helpful XE2 info from our friends at DevExpress.

- DevExpress's popular VCL suite will be updated for XE2 including 64bit Delphi! Works today, beta soon. And since it's working now, Julian predicts they will pre-release the 64bit code before official release.

- They are evaluating the new VCL and FireMonkey LiveBindings approach for binding UI and graphic objects to data

- They are evaluating FireMonkey - would be exciting to see what they would do with QuantumGrid in Firemonkey's GPU based graphics, effects, and animation.

- As XE2 support is added DevExpress will be dropping support for 2009 (and earlier). So will be a great time to upgrade to XE2.

Much more detail in Julian Bucknall's blog:


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    salim salim Wednesday, 13 June 2012

    Hi everyone,

    I ask about TRibbon or TDXRibbon, the Right to Left (arabic) support is available or no. is the BidiMode property working properly when I set it to dbRightToLeft.


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