Developer Skill Sprints - Week 2 - Be User Friendly with Taskbar buttons, Jump Lists and More

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This blog post contains the notes for week 2 of the developer skill sprint focusing on how to Be User Friendly with Taskbar buttons, Jump Lists and More

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The next round of Developer Skill Sprints are here! Join us for this 8-part series on modernizing your VCL apps from start to finish. We'll explore how to update your app's look and feel, utilize multiple processor cores in your app, scale your solution, and extend your apps to wearables and gadgets.


Week 2 - Be User Friendly with Taskbar buttons, Jump Lists and More

TaskBarButtons and JumpList Blog by Marco Cantu (OP)

DocWiki Tutorials

Project Files


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Is it possible to alter the content in the taskbar?
Your application can receive commands from the user by way of task bar buttons. In this way the content of your application can be altered.

Suppose I implement a taskbar button with icon overlay. What happens on Windows XP?
Taskbar components fail gracefully on Windows XP.

Is it possible to populate the Recently Opened list in Jump Lists yourself?
Yes, it sure is, please refrence the

When using the hover button, does it bring the application into the foreground or could I access it while in another program?
I just tested, and it does work when not in focus.

Do Jumplist images require an on disk .ico file? Can we use an ImageList?
No, windows platform requires on disk file.




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