Developer Skill Sprints - Aspect Oriented Programming using DSharp with Nick Hodges

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Written by David I.

Nick Hodges, Embarcadero MVP and "Coding in Delphi" book author, recently presented his "Aspect Oriented Programming using DSharp". It was a great session with Nick and the community. You can watch the replay on the Embarcadero YouTube channel at Wikipedia an Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) page that describes AOP in general for all programming languages. AOP is a way of injecting functionality into existing Delphi objects. In traditional object-oriented programming you would insert functionality somewhere in the object hierarchy so that objects down the tree have access to that functionality - for example adding logging methods to your objects. AOP allows you to "inject" methods into objects where you need the functionality.

In the developer skill sprint, Nick uses Stefan Glienke's DSharp implementation - the source code is available at The sample code used in Nick's skill sprint can be found at DSharp uses Object Pascal interfaces and attributes, so you'll need at least Delphi 2010 to use DSharp in your applications.

September 23 - Aspect-oriented Programming using DSharp

Nick Hodges - nick (at), @nickhodges
Coding in Delphi -
Duration: 29 minutes and 40 seconds

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