Developer Skill Sprint - Build Multiple Form Factors with a Real-time Preview of Each UI

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WIndows 10


Windows 10 Is Coming SOON, Make Sure You Are Ready for It!

The global launch of Windows 10 is right around the corner!

Microsoft is gearing up for the fastest roll out of a major new Windows version and expects a huge adoption rate. The beta program alone has seen over 3.9 million testers. During the Build conference, Microsoft unveiled its expectation that the full release of Windows 10 will be running on over 1 billion devices within the first two to three years.

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Fire UI Resources

Blog Post by Sarina

Multi Device Preview

Doc Wiki

TWebBrowser Component and Multi-Device Preview

Custom Views

Doc WIki: Adding a Customized View to the View Selector


Moto360 Blog Post by Jim McKeeth

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RAD in Action: Revolutionary UI Development with FireUI

Build One UI for 4 Form Factors
David Intersimone "David I"
Wednesday, January 28, 2015


UI development has changed significantly over the years with new devices and form factors being introduced every day. From phones, desktops, tablets, mini-tablets, wearables, Google Glass and more, developers are faced with creating unique UIs that fit each form factor and native device style.


The revolutionary FireUI designer allows you to create custom and unique UI and UX for each device platform and form factor in a single codebase. FireUI allows you to share one master form and device view across multiple UIs. The webinar shows you how to change the design paradigm in today’s multi-device world.

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