Developer Skill Sprint - Adding Interactive Maps to your Mobile Apps

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 During today’s Skill Sprint, we covered the new TMapView component for iOS and Android that we introduced in RAD Studio XE8.try-rad-ad

We covered the following topics during today’s webinar:

–    Key Map Types
–    Gesture Control
–    Adding pins & annotations
–    API Key Setup on Android



There are 4 different map types:
–    Normal
–    Satellite
–    Hybrid
–    Terrain (for Android only)

You can choose from Zoom, Tilt and Rotate Map Gestures.

You can also add default (built-in) markers to the maps on iOS and Android, or use your own custom icons and annotations.



To use maps on Android, you will need to request to an API key. Detailed steps for requesting an API key and enabling the necessary project options can be found here:

Below are additional learning resources to help you get started using TMapView with RAD Studio XE8.

MapView Overview Documentation:

API Reference Documentation:

Sample Apps shown during the webinar:

Download a free RAD Studio XE8 trial by going to

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  • DzairLogiciel D6467
    DzairLogiciel D6467 Tuesday, 16 June 2015

    I have a Souci, I ask you for what the carriage return (warped text) does not function in the title marks,
    I want to customize the tilte of marker so I can master the carriage return ( warped ) and display a long text using a different font without using an image,
    also how I can make this appear marker title without clicking . Is there a function to do display via code.
    Thanks in advance

  • Jayden
    Jayden Thursday, 11 June 2015

    How is it possible to continually update a users position without leaving the old markers on the screen? Ie if you were providing directions and wanted to keep the users position up-to-date.

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