Developer Christmas Countdown - December 20 - T minus 5 days

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Monday, Decembeer 20 - the last of the weekdays before Christmas - Helping others with our skills, the Lunar Eclipse, Developer Solutions Conference 2011 and our year-end promotions

This past weekend we put up our tree at home.  Christmas carols are playing on the Comcast "Songs of the Season" channel.  The weather has been stormy and wet here in Santa Cruz California.

Helping non-profit organizations with our programming and database skills

Seasons greetings to all of the developers around the world.  I want to especially thank all of you who use software to build a kindler gentler world and help non-profit organizations.  I would love to hear from any developers that are using our developer and database tools to help charities, schools and other non-profit organizations.  Send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or post a comment below.

During the holidays and throughout the year we are reminded to help others in need.  We can leverage our skills to help build applications and databases that can help non-profit organizations do more to help others.

Total Lunar Eclipse

I have been a space fanatic since I was a young child.  I used to stay up late to get ready for NASA space launches.  I also love to get away from the city lights during the annual meteor showers.  I've seen several lunar eclipses in my life.  Tonight, I hope the skies will clear just long enough to see the total lunar eclipse here in the Monterey Bay area.  And someday, I hope to be able to travel to see a total solar eclipse.  I will let you know (via a picture) if the skies are clear or not.

Developer Solutions Conference - February 8-10, Las Vegas

Three days of interactive training and a keynote by Embarcadero’s David I. The DSConf Las Vegas will take place on February 8-10, 2011 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The theme is "Delphi Developers looking beyond the comfort zone of their familiar set of tools and exploring cross-platform and, more specifically, mobile development". Embarcadero is sponsoring the event which will include an opening keynote by our own David I.

The conference is a three-day event, made up of both regular "presentation"-style sessions and extensive hands-on workshops. We want attendees to have the chance to both learn about the tools and technologies, as well as to get a chance to try them out first hand, with assistance from speakers and staff. Workshops will give attendees the opportunity to follow along to build their first app using the covered tools, as well as bring their own in-progress projects, work on them and get help and support from the team on site.

Platforms covered at DSConf Las Vegas include Win32 (Delphi), .NET (Delphi Prism in Visual Studio and MonoDevelop) Mac OS X (Xcode), iOS (Xcode & MonoTouch), Android (MonoDroid) and Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight). Emphasis will be on cross-platform technology such as data access using Data Abstract. See the daily agenda on the DSConf web site at

Register for DSConf now, to take advantage of our special holiday offer (valid until Dec 31) and save 20% off our already low $799 price for the complete three-day event when using discount code "EMBARCADERO". To get started, go to

Year end promotions - eleven more until they are gone

There are only 11 more days to take advantage of all of our year end sales promotions.   Buy our database tools and get training videos and a special t-shirt included in the deal.  There are also special year end offers for our developer tools to get you to the XE editions of Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi Prism and RadPHP.  Also, if you purchase before the end of the year, you can take advantage of our buy one, get one free special offer.  There are links to the special offers on the Embarcadero home page.

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David Intersimone (known to many as David I.) is a passionate and innovative software industry veteran-often referred to as a developer icon-who extols and educates the world on Embarcadero developer tools. He shares his visions as an active member of the industry speaking circuit and is tapped as an expert source by the media. He is a long-standing champion of architects, developers and database professionals and works to ensure that their needs are folded into Embarcadero's strategic product plans. David holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo, California.


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