Developer Christmas Countdown - December 14 - T minus 11 days

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December 14 - Developer Christmas Gifts, Developer Solutions Conference Las Vegas Feb 8-10

Have you done all your Christmas shopping? We've now passed three cyber Mondays since the traditional Thanksgiving start of the Christmas season here in the US. There still is time to buy gifts for your developer friends and family. Might I suggest a Delphi, C++Builder, Delphi Prism and RadPHP stocking stuffer? Or maybe you enjoy geek gifts and funny looking thumb drives?  You might consider giving that special developer a trip to Las Vegas to join the learning at the Developer Solutions Conference, February 8-10.

Shopping for the Developer who has everything

My wonderful wife Martha has a tough assignment at this time of year.  I am so blessed with just about everything I need in my world.  I have an awesome family, a great job, I'm part of a great developer community, I have tons of friends on Facebook/LinkedIn/Skype/EDN, I have loads of tie dye t-shirts, I have a really cool "David I for President" t-shirt that was given to me at our Delphi conference in Sao Paulo and all of the developer tools I could ever leverage.  What more could I want?  Besides World Peace, maybe some gifts from the following developer/geek web sites:

It's still not to late to take advantage of our special offers as gifts for your special developer.  If you have other great developer gift sites, please post comments and links at the bottom of this blog post.

Developer Solutions Conference - Las Vegas - February 8-10!

Join Embarcadero Technologies (and David I), RemObjects and the DeveloperExperts in Las Vegas next February 8-10 for the three-day Developer Solutions Conference focused on building client/server database, multi-tier and mobile applications using Delphi, Delphi Prism and Objective C.   Technical sessions and workshops will help developers build Windows (Win32, .NET and Windows Phone 7), Macintosh, Linux, Android and iPhone/iPad applications. 

The Developer Solutions Conference is a task-oriented event that focuses on a specific topic and gives attendees an in-depth and real life learning experience using technical presentations and workshops. Each day focuses on a specific technology, architecture and platform area.

  • Day 1 begins with laying the foundations and introducing attendees to the tools and development environments used throughout the event. In addition to Delphi, you will become familiar with Apple Xcode and Delphi Prism/C#. Our presenters will cover cross-platform fundamentals and concepts and discuss possible procedures and architectures to enable cross-platform development and reuse of code and knowledge.

  • Day 2 ventures into the world of database development, starting with basic multi-tier architecture and technologies and principles for building robust, scalable and secure database-drive application and rounding of with a thorough look at Data Abstract, the cross-platform multi-tier framework from RemObjects Software. The afternoon is dedicated to an extensive on-hands lab and workshop, where you can put the learned knowledge to the test as we build a real-life cross-platform business application.

  • Day 3 focuses on mobile development. We start out by having a look at the three dominant mobile platforms — iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 — and the tools involved with developing for them (Xcode and MonoTouch, MonoDroid and Silverlight, respectively). In addition to general principles, we will also look at how Data Abstract works on all of these platforms to establish connection with your data. The afternoon once again is dedicated to hands-on labs where we put the newly gained knowledge on mobile development to use.

  • Evening events on day 1 and 2 will round off the presentations and workshops throughout the days. We are keeping the details as a surprise, but trust us when we say we have some exciting things planed for you!

Special Holiday Offer! Use discount code »XMAS10« between now and December 25 to save 15% off the regular registration price of $799!  Register Now!

And, remember, What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

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