Developer Christmas Countdown - December 10 - T minus 15 days

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December 10:  RadPHP in Action, Facebook and PHP appdev webinars next Tuesday!

There are over 20 million PHP servers worldwide, serving up a lot of content on the web - everything from the most used blogging software, WordPress, to websites like Wikipedia. With all of these sites using PHP, there must be something about PHP that helps web developers get their job done better and faster. Our RadPHP in Action web site gives you all the information you need to rapidly and visually take your PHP development to infinity and beyond.

Do you want to build Facebook and PHP applications 5 times faster? Join us in a free live webinar on December 14 and 15 to learn about PHP web and Facebook application development and why RadPHP XE is a top choice for developing web site and applications using the PHP language, JavaScript and AJAX.

RadPHP in Action

The RadPHP in Action page provides you with expert PHP development white papers and a series of video tutorials to get you started with PHP Facebook application development, advanced PHP component development and client/server PHP database development.

You'll find it all at

White papers include:

  • Creating your first Facebook Application

  • DataSnap Client Development with RadPHP

  • Using RadPHP with Existing PHP Applications

Tutorial videos include:

  • Facebook Development with PHP – Getting Started

  • Facebook Development Part 2 – User logins and getting user information

  • DataSnap with RadPHP #1 - Client and Server

  • RadPHP Database Application Development - Connecting to InterBase

  • RadPHP Components #1 - Frame and Frameset

  • RadPHP Components #2 - MainMenu and PopupMenu

  • RadPHP Components #3 - QMainMenu and QPopupMenu

Keep up with the developments for RadPHP by following Jose Leon's (the developer of RadPHP) blog at  You can also find additional RadPHP product information on the product home page at

Learn simple solutions for developing PHP and Facebook applications at our free, live RadPHP webinar - December 14 and 15 - Next Tuesday and Wednesday (depending on your time zone)!

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The basics of creating PHP applications

  • When to use an IDE instead of a code editor

  • Using class libraries like the RadPHP Component Library (RPCL)

  • How to connect and work with databases with PHP

  • Using drag-and-drop components to speed development

  • How to quickly build a Facebook application with RadPHP

The free, live PHP development webinar takes place 3 times to make it easier to attend - each time has a link to the registration page. Come join the fun building Facebook applications:

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