Delphi-connected Android-based devices

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Fly IQ440 Energy

Fly IQ441

GALAXY Note 10.1 (Samsung)

GALAXY S II (Samsung)

GALAXY S III GT-I9300 (Samsung)

GSmart G1362 (Gigabyte)

HighScreen boost

Lenovo S750

Sony Xperia V

... with cyrillic in name (some devices are locally re-branded)

МТС 970H (Alcatel)

Why are you here? Many Delphi users express dissatisfaction their Android-based devices "are connectable to Delphi". Despite we have very consistent Documentation and fully-featured instructions (thanks, Jim), some developers just connect their devices via USB and don't see them in Delphi IDE. Links above direct to what you should (primarily) see (sorry, the short reports are in Russian, I'll translate them after collection of "critical mass", I mean, if number of English descriptions overcomes Russian one).

You can visually verify the particular device is connected correctly. In addition to the "compatible devices" the list above is an informal collection of what is ok with Delphi. We know Delphi is not device-dependent IDE (as well as SDK/NDK, compiler, toolchain for apk etc), but "gosh, I don't see my device in IDE" is a big mystic psychological obstacle (don't trap yourself :)).

If you see this list useful and like to help the other Delphi guys (and C++Builder guys in the nearest future), as well as mobile dev beginners, please, send This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the following message (5-10 min):

1. Name, blog (if available)

2. Device name (photo, link to official manufacturer's photo, you and your photo)

3. Connectivity to PC/OS, "native" driver, universal usb driver etc, good links, where to download a driver (if this is puzzling), print-screen of device manager.

4. Print-screen (a part of) Delphi IDE with device name shown in "Target" node.

5. Photo of the device with some mobile app made in Delphi ("hello, world; Delphi sample, your favorite etc).

6. Link to the author's description (if you have a blog post regarding your favorite device), usefull links, personal impression on the device as a user (my ... is the best, I like it, I fancy it, moderate critisizm acceptable).

The more descriptions we have, the friendlier our community, the less Delphi-Android-misconnection myths we have.


Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: