Delphi XE5 and Woll2Woll InfoPower based app is in the Google Play Store

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I hear from developers periodically asking what Delphi and FireMonkey apps are available in the Apple and Google stores.  Yesterday I received an email from Roy Woll, Woll2Woll Software, telling me that there is a new Delphi XE5 and InfoPower based Android app in the Google Play Store. The InfoPower FireMonkey Demo is available at The  InfoPower Grid for FIreMonkey is available to all Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio XE5 customers this quarter as part of the bonus pack.

Roy told me "I thought you might be very interested in a demo app we uploaded to Google Play that uses XE5 with InfoPower. I think you will be impressed by the responsiveness of a truly data-bound grid running mobile."

The demo's form was designed for the Nexus 7, and uses a TClientDataset, which can be edited through the grid. It was compiled in Rad Studio XE5.

  1. Try touching the screen to move up/down the dataset. Smooth scrolling is enabled in this demo as well.

  2. Click on the row title buttons to sort.

  3. The demo also allows you to filter the dataset and highlights the individual cells that match the entered text.

  4. You can set the stylebook and the grid will automatically recognize the style attributes.

Roy went on to say "The only code required in this demo is the code to highlight the cells that match the filter, and to change the stylebook."

The description in the Google Play Store entry

This is an executable built with Delphi XE5 and InfoPower 2.0 for FireMonkey. This application uses the InfoPower FireMonkey Grid, search control, to show a live data-bound application. User's can smoothly scroll by touching the screen and filter the records by typing into the search control. Users can also edit the data. This app was tested on the 2nd generation Nexus 7 and uses TClientDataSet/TDataSource.

InfoPower - for the FM Application Platform and Visual Component Library (VCL)

The new InfoPower FireMonkey (FMX) components allow you to develop applications for Win32, Win64, Mac (OSX32), Android, and iOS devices and simulators using Embarcadero's RAD Studio XE4 or XE5. InfoPower for Delphi and RAD Studio VCL library is the most popular suite of components for building front ends for database applications. InfoPower includes a host of sophisticated and flexible components including InfoPower’s masterpiece grid.

Big thanks to Woll2Woll (an Embarcadero Technologies Technology Partner) for your continued support of Delphi, C++Builder, RAD Studio and FireMonkey.

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