Delphi Workshop in Belgium Last Week

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Delphi is alive and kicking!!! Last week Delphi developers on RAD Studio workshop in Lier in Belgium were really happy to hear that Embarcadero CEO, Wayne Williams, is Delphi developer himself:-) Such small facts give us - Delphi developers world wide - the confidence into the future of Delphi - the best IDE for building high performance Windows applications! No doubts about that! This workshop was organized by Embarcadero partners: Barsten, PeopleWare and Synapsis Group.

[caption id="attachment_38682" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Delphi developers on workshop in Lier, Belgium"]Delphi developers on workshop in Lier, Belgium[/caption]

  • The overview of Delphi 2009 new features was probably the most interesting piece of information for all workshop attendees. I have covered new and enhanced VCL components, new Unicode support including migrations considerations and improvements in the IDE. Andreano Lanusse has published recently very interesting whitepaper on new Delphi features since Delphi 7.

  • The workshop was a great opportunity to demonstrate for the first time the Embarcadero "All Access". It is always fun to show how you can run all Embarcadero tools directly from the USB stick with no install neccessary! On Wednesday, March 11th, on 11AM (GMT -1) I'm doing the "All Access" webinar if you want to learn more. It is free!

  • "Bridging the Gap" demo, that shows how you can use Change Manager, Rapid SQL and ER/Studio for better understanding of interactions between an application and a database, generated lots of questions. If you want to see more, I do welcome you to my presentation on Data Rage next week!

  • Delphi Prism is part of RAD Studio and also avaiable as a standalone product. It provides support for the latest .NET technologies and ADO.NET providers for InterBase, Blackfish SQL and DataSnap. Lots of questions. The programming language used in Delphi Prism is not as compatible with native Delphi as Delphi for .NET was, but it features some innovative concepts, especially in the area of concurrent programming. Delphi Prism team is working on "Aspect Oriented Programming" (AOP) framework called "Cirrus" for upcoming version of Delphi Prism. That's super interesting!

  • The last bit was my favourite. Demonstrating Delphi DataSnap 2009 framework for building multitier database applications. In fact: any client/server applications in Delphi 2009 that communicate over TCP/IP. DataSnap 2009 extends capabilities of DBX4 framework introduced in Delphi 2007. The last demo was to create a Delphi Prism WinForm client for Delphi 2009 DataSnap server.

  • One developer during the break asked me about a possibility of rendering on a Delphi VCL Form complex texts with heavy usage of things like superscript etc. One solution to this is to embed a TWebBrowser component and render complex stuff via HTML. It is tricky to display HTML in code. The actual code snippet can be found at about.delphi, which is in my opinion one of the most useful Delphi-related sites in Internet.

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