Delphi Squad – Florianópolis

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Last week I was in Florianópolis to participate in the Delphi Squad event, organized by our MVP Samuel “Muka” David and Softplan.

Softplan is one of the biggest Delphi users in the world, they develop software for several areas, including Justice, that are used in Brazil and Latin America.

Softplan recently inaugurated headquarter in Florianópolis

We had a full day of presentations, conducted by MVPs and developers from Softplan. To give you an idea, this was the line up:

  • Fernando Rizzato – Embarcadero (What’s new in Berlin Update 2 and Roadmap)
  • Carlos Henrique Agnes – MVP (FireDAC: Getting Started and Survival Guide)
  • Marcelo Varela – MVP (DataSnap, REST, JSON)
  • Kelver Merlotti – MVP (Mobile Applications: Questions and Answers)
  • Alessandro Fragnani – Softplan (Builds Automation)
  • Rômulo Pelachini – Softplan (Coding Analysis and Metrics)
  • Mario Guedes – MVP (BigData: from the Theory to the Implementation)
  • Samuel Muka David – MVP (Writing a Better Code)
  • Alan Glei – MVP (Delphi, Bluetooth and Beacons)

Here you have some pictures from the event, but you can find a lot more, including videos, here:

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