Delphi Revolution Day in Mexico SHINES!!!!!!!

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Today was the Delphi Revolution Day - 210 people were present (we ran out of seats) and it was really great.

The Mexican community was present, extremely interested in RAD Studio 2007 and curious about 3rd Rail, our Ruby IDE.

David started his presentation wearing his authentic Mexico sombrero talking about the CodeGear Vision and Strategy.

The RAD Studio 2007 support for ASP.NET 2 grabbed the developers´ attention - features like Web Part, membership, roles and Master Page where some of the favorites.

Congratulations to our new Master Distributor in Mexico, GOPAC, who did a great job organizing the event.

Delphi Revolution Day 2007 - Mexico
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    Cobus Kruger Wednesday, 17 October 2007

    I notice you post in three languages. After days of thought I decided the one was English :-) but I'm not so sure about the other two. I’m guessing Spanish and Portuguese?

    I once had a tour guide who gave a welcoming speech in five languages and then asked if she needed to repeat it in another few. Turns out she could speak eight!

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