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I am often asked "Where can I find Delphi programmers?" and "Is there a place where I can meet other Delphi developers?".  Of course you can use the Embarcadero Developer Network, our Delphi web forums, Delphi User Groups, DelphiLive!, Delphi Tage, and at other Delphi face-to-face and online events.

Another place you can find Delphi developers is via the Delphi web site. As of this blog post, there are five active Delphi meet up groups:  Oslo Delphi Club (159 members), Användargruppen för Delphi i Göteborg (98 members), Användargruppen för Delphi i Stockholm (78 members), The North Suburban Chicago Delphi Meetup Group (50 members), and The Woodstock Delphi Meetup Group (6 members).

There are also 659 Delphi developers interested in meeting up with others in their country or area - You can also create your own meet up groups and invite others to join you.  There is even a Meetup API for developers.

There are many other software development related meet up groups where you can find like minded programmers including:  .NET, Agile Software, Extreme Programming, Game Development, Game Programming, Graphical User Interfaces, and Software Developers.

To all the Delphi developers out there, let me know how I can help you meet up with other Delphi developers.  I know you are out there.  Let's get together and meet up!

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    Eddie Lotter Saturday, 21 March 2009

    The Delphi Wiki also lists Delphi User Groups by country:

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    Ralf Saturday, 21 March 2009

    ..or you can meet the 54.296 users of
    in Germany...

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    Lars D Saturday, 21 March 2009

    I just added DAPUG in Denmark to the wikia.

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    Lars D Saturday, 21 March 2009

    There are 2 upcoming events in Denmark: A 1-day experience sharing event in march, and a 2-day conference with Cary Jensen in late april 2009.

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    morde Saturday, 21 March 2009

    You can meet italian delphi programmers on Marco Cantu web resources ( and in it's related annual meetup "Delphi Day": another independent group is on usenet and it's called it.comp.lang.delphi. (I come from there) bye

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    morde Saturday, 21 March 2009

    I have update delphi wikia with my prevoius post infos. thanks

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    Jeff C. Thursday, 26 March 2009

    Was formerly the meetup organizer for the Chicago group that you link to above. Unfortunately the group is no longer active and in need of a new organizer. I have moved onto other projects that do not require Delphi skills and decided to pass the torch. I had asked several times for CodeGear to create a User Groups link on their main site to promote user groups and meetups, but got tired of asking after about the 3rd-4th time and having my request passed around from one CodeGear associate to the next.

    The old Borland site used to have a User Groups section, but it was not well maintained. I think the Wiki might be the way to go, but it would be nice to have this somehow promoted off the main site as well.

    The only roadblock to a meetup group is the monthly dues the organizer needs to pay which I think for what they offer is a bit on the high side. Now some groups offet this by charging a small meeting fee at each event.

    So if anyone is a Chicago Delphi developer, the meetup group is seeking an energetic, outgoing, fun person to take over as organizer.

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    Jason McMillen Wednesday, 1 April 2009

    There is also if you want to make games. :)

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    oleg Thursday, 2 April 2009

    Turbo Delphi Explorer

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