Delphi Prism announced at the PDC

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The new solution for .NET development from Embarcadero - Delphi Prism - has been announced on the PDC conference in Los Angeles. Delphi Prism is powered by Oxygene compiler technology and will replace both Delphi for .NET and the existing Oxygene product.

Check out a very interesting interview with Marc Hoffman from RemObjects: "Delphi Prism - Visual Studio Pascal For .NET" and the new Delphi Prism in action in this screencast at

Delphi Prism supports .NET, Mono on Linux and Cocoa# on MaxOS X and provides full support for the latest .NET technologies plus some very interesting programming language features to support parallel processing, like "future" types, "async" blocks and expressions and "parallel" loops. It also contains Blackfish SQL for Windows and possibility to build DataSnap clients for Delphi DataSnap 2009 servers.

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