"Delphi Practical Workshop" in Hoofddorp yesterday was great fun!

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I have teamed up with Danny Wind of Delphi Company, Delphi MVP in the Netherlands, to prepare and run the whole day "Practical Delphi Workshop". After few weeks of preparation yesterday was the big day! 18 Delphi and C++Builder developers showed up in the morning in the Crowne Plaza Schiphol hotel in Hoofddorp with their laptops with Windows 10 and Delphi 10 "Seattle" installed for an intensive workshop to get up to speed with the latest and greatest version version of our favorite development environment - Embarcadero Delphi 10 "Seattle"!

The format of the workshop was experimental, but it worked well. We had six standalone 60 minutes labs. Each lab started from the introduction to a specific feature or functionality, followed by practical exercises first run by the instructor and then completed by attendees using printed lab manuals.

Each of us, Danny and me, prepared three labs and we were switching. During practical exercises we were there to assist developers in completing their labs.

What we have been covering yesterday?

  • New VCL Windows 10 components including TSplitView, TRelativePanel, TSearchBox, TToggleSwith and TActivityIndicator
  • New Delphi 10 WinRT support for working with Windows 10 functionality including new TNotificationCenter and TSharingContract components
  • Using Parallel Programming Library for responsive applications
  • Building VCL applications with FireDAC database access framework
  • Using REST and JSON for creating multi-tier solutions
  • Building mobile Android and iOS app from the same source code with Delphi multi-device projects 

All labs seemed to be received very well and we have got a lot of positive feedback, so we are looking to do more of those in the future. Stay tuned!


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