Delphi Labs: DataSnap XE Transport Filters

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Delphi Labs keep going! I have just published the latest episode in the "DataSnap XE" serie on communication filters. In DataSnap architecture you can use different communication protocols, like TCP/IP, HTTP or HTTPS, and you can also use transport filters that make it possible to programmatically access the raw stream of bytes that are transmitted between client and the server over the wire.

Delphi XE comes with three DataSnap communication filters preinstalled: two for encryption and one for compression.

In this lab we are going to build a simple system consisting of a server and a client application. Both applications will be standalone Delphi VCL Forms applications and they are going to communicate using TCP/IP as the transport protocol and use ZLib compression filters.

Next week I am off for winter holiday, so there will be no new article, but I am sure to have this background thread running somewhere at the back of my brain conceiving new ideas for the next, and next, and next episode...

"Delphi Labs: DataSnap XE - Transport Filters"

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