Delphi Free 5-Days Online Training This Week!

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"Computer Programmer" is in Top 10 best paying jobs according to recent surveys. If you want to improve your career perspectives there is a great opportunity to do so this week! Register now and follow the 5 days "Delphi Bootcamp" free online trainings run by top industry experts!

Learning Delphi programming is a great investment because you can master one of the most productive app development environments where you can write your app once and natively compile it from the very same source code for Android, iOS and desktop platforms! Additionally with FireMonkey cross-platform visual component library you feel like building with Lego bricks! Instead of going into difficult details of underlying operating system APIs you just assemble your apps with ready-made, reusable building blocks called "components" in Delphi speak.

What is even more cool is that you can also enjoy super interesting promotion where you can get the latest Delphi 10.1 Starter Edition completely FREE! How cool is that?!

Every day session from Monday, September 5th, to Friday, September 9th, is repeated so you do not need to worry about missing any of them.

Delphi Bootcamp

  • Day 1 - 2016.09.05 - Introduction to Delphi: The IDE and Your First App
  • Day 2 - 2016.09.06 - Getting to Know the Delphi Language
  • Day 3 - 2016.09.07 - Building Effective User Interfaces with FireMonkey
  • Day 4 - 2016.09.08 - Game Development with Delphi
  • Day 5 - 2016.09.09 - Stepping Up to Mobile and Database Development

Don't wait! The training is free but you need to register. Do it now!

See you online and happy Delphi coding!

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