Delphi for PHP next release, early preview #2

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First of all, explain what "from scratch" means, applied to this release.

We have reused a LOT of code from the previous versions, but what we have rewritten is the core the IDE, to allow us implement the features we want in the future. For example, the previous IDE didn't allow us to embed anything on the client area, now we are able to embed almost anything as a module, with an unlimited number of tabs. This is just an small example, but what we have done is to rewrite the core part of the IDE, and then, we have adapted the previous code, to use the new core, and at the time we were adding code, we were writting tests, to ensure everything works as expected and there are no regressions.

Having said that, here is an overview video showing the new version, it's very short and you have to forgive my english accent, long time without speaking english ;-)

Hope you like it.

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    Ferruh Koroglu Friday, 9 April 2010

    Very good looking.

    Best Regards,

  • Guest
    Michael Friday, 9 April 2010

    We like it

  • Guest
    german gentile Friday, 9 April 2010

    I hope this ide runs over wine on linux.

    Seems lighter designed than galileo ones.

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    Yogi Yang Friday, 9 April 2010

    While you are at developing the new version of IDE also give to rewrite the whole of VCL4PHP or better still ditch it completely and use PRADO instead.

    I feel from my stand point that the strategic decision to use qooxdoo is a faulty decision right from start.

    If you want to keep on using VCL4PHP as it is your brain child kindly get rid of this (qx) immature lib and replace it with JQuery as it is more matured, very stable and highly usable.

    Another alternative is to add support for ExtJS that is also a good JS library. I have never used it though.

    Just my two cents. ;)

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    Yogi Yang Friday, 9 April 2010

    After looking at the video for the second time I observed that you are using GDI+ for rendering controls on screen. That is great.

    If you want more ideas on this do refer to the code of open sourced Xara Xtreme LX (for Linux). It is just fascinating to see the way they push the envelop when it comes to Graphics esp. vector graphics.

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    Robert Friday, 9 April 2010

    Looks very nice. One thing I would love to see in Delphi for PHP is some kind of compiler or obfuscation built in - there are open source projects out there for doing that. One reason is to improve speed, but the main reason is to protect the source code when you have to deploy to a server you do not control. Thanks!

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    Maxim Shiryaev Sunday, 11 April 2010

    I still would like to see pure JavaScript UI design tool (using ExtJS or a like), php pure server-side back-end tool and a set of native (or semi-native) libraries for iPhone OS and Android to access local data and communication stack.

    So we would have a complete true cross-platform solution.

    I think that HTML+JS is the client platform and there is no need to code UI in php, Object Pascal and so on. At least unitl you design games or some low-level stuff.

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    Tomislav Avramovic Sunday, 11 April 2010

    Nice work.
    Do you plan Creating PHP DataSnap servers compatible with Delphi DataSnap clients?

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    José León Monday, 12 April 2010

    Replies to comments:

    -Don't know if it works on Linux over wine, but it uses IE for control rendering, so be sure there should be problems.

    -Regarding PRADO, I have talked about that long time before, to render a single control in the designer, with PRADO you need to create a full app and also, because everything in PRADO is OO, it takes "ages" to render. Apart, PRADO has not been designed to work with a visual designer and doesn't implement the several things required for that.

    -To render the controls we are not using GDI+, why you say that?

    -Regarding code obfuscation, we have a lot of things in the bag of pending features, that is one of them. As I stated on the first post of the series, this series is to explain in what we are working on, not to explain the things we will implement in a future.

    -Regarding extjs or a like, Delphi for PHP is component agnostic, anyone can create such components.

    -Regarding DataSnap, sorry, I cannot talk about features we are not working on, I just can say it's in the bag.

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