Delphi for PHP next release, early preview #15 - Refactoring

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Note: If you want to be updated on Delphi for PHP, you can follow me on twitter, and you can see what's going on by checking the brainstorm site, more details about the brainstorm site here.

Let me introduce you the new Refactoring Engine, and, to be honest, I think it's the best refactoring engine you can find on any PHP IDE at this moment, if after watching the video, you think there is another IDE which does best, please, let me know.

On the video you will see the following refactorings:

  • Rename

  • Declare Field

  • Extract Method

  • Change Params

  • Extract Interface

  • Extract Superclass

  • Pull Members Up/Down

The refactoring engine is very structured and open, and we have designed it to allow us add new refactorings easily, so if you have ideas for possible refactorings, please, use the Brainstorm site, to send us your suggestions.

I hope you like it.


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