Delphi for PHP next release, early preview #14 - Data Explorer

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In this video, I show you how the new Data Explorer works, featuring support for Firebird inside the IDE and the new Visual Query Builder.

You will see how to add a new connection, the new advanced connection properties dialog, which elements you can explore, etc. Also shows how to retrieve data from table, which is open on the IDE as a module, and how you can modify the data and even perform commit and rollback operations.

To demonstrate the SQL Window, you will see how to develop an SQL sentence visually, just by dragging and dropping. Now, .sql files have a new "Design" tab, to allow you modify the query visually, and you will see how .sql files can be linked to a connection on Data Explorer.

Finally, you will see how to drag and drop database elements to a form, and even, how to use the Visual Query Builder to setup a query.


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