Delphi for PHP next release, early preview #13 - Code Insight tests

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While getting ready the CodeInsight engine on the new IDE, I have recorded the CodeInsight tests running. You will see some of the upcoming features on these tests. This is a way for you to see the great efforts we are making to ensure the quality of the product is what you expect from us. At the end, you will see the errors reported and I will explain why these errors are happening.

Once everything is in place, I will show the CodeInsight features more in depth, in the meantime, check out this nice video:

Hope you like it.

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    Ciprian Popa Wednesday, 19 May 2010

    First of all I want to congrat you for the passion you put into Delphi4PHP. I expect that the next version of it to be a really tremendous product with all the new features, and with it's highly improved speed and responsiveness demonstrated into your videos, making it the "smartest PHP editor" available !

    I also want to "stamp" your blog as "THE MOST TRANSPARENT" blog from Embarcadero in regard to developer
    friendliness, since it make such a big difference comparing it with the "obfuscated roadmap & secrecy" approach you'll encounter from the RAD team (unfortunately).

    Additionally I'll like to ask you some questions that hopefully'll receive some answers :

    1) There is any time frame for the next version release ? A roadmap will be even better !

    2) Will the versioning/naming sync with the last Delphi/Prism/RAD Studio releases, meaning that should we expect a "Delphi for PHP 2011" soon ?

    3) How much code reuse is into the last IDE from the Galileo/RAD Studio (2010/2011) ? I'm just wondering if you're developing all these nice features in parallel/from scratch or you just re-use the functionality exposed over RAD Studio/Galileo OTAPI (demonstrating the capabilities of the Galileo OTAPI).

    4) Can you please demo us how are you developing the Delphi for PHP IDE ? A short screencast with a typical code/debug/run session, showing the tools that you are using will be very welcomed ... :)

    5) There is any PHP-OTAPI available to create plugins for IDE extensions ?

    6) I've been blown by the "selftest" demos (hopefully the RAD Studio team will learn from you, and will be allowed to publish something similar). Are you using DUnit GUI automation/robot support or another framework (I remember Steve Trefethen's blog on Zombie). Is it possible to delve more into how these tests are created (show us some examples) ?

    7) Do you envision any MVC support in future, since I consider that the absolute layout (very CSS polluted generated code) is not the best way to develop any kind of UI ?

    8) Any HTML5 support considered into the future ?

    9) Any specialized support for mobile devel (ex: iPhone, WebOS, webKit extensions...)

    10x again, and keep them coming (I check my RSS sub every day in hope that new demos are shown) !

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    José León Wednesday, 19 May 2010

    Thanks a lot for your comment, we value a lot constructive comments like this ;-)

    Regarding the "secrecy" you see from the RAD team, it is not on purpose. Several years ago, before partnering with them, I was also a critic like you, but now I know how things work, I have a different perspective. They must obey some corporate rules and are not able to share as much information as I can. Even though, I cannot post any kind of time frame, or future feature, just talk about what is going on, so...

    Regarding your questions, some of them can be answered now, and some others will be answered next week, we are getting ready something that will provide you the answers, so stay tunned.

    1) As I said, cannot specify a time frame, I just can say that now we are getting ready to enter field testing. Regarding the roadmap, next week, while it's not going to be an updated roadmap, you will get more information.

    2) I don't even know that, that depends on the marketing strategy of Embarcadero, we are just the developers.

    3) There is not a single line of code of RAD Studio into the new version of Delphi for PHP. While this can be strange, because it seems we are duplicating existing code, it is not, as the plans we have for Delphi for PHP makes this replication the best option. Also, in the improbable event that Embarcadero decides to stop distributing Delphi for PHP (which is not going to happen ;-)), we are 100% free to market the product by ourselves, so this is a guarantee for all of you.

    4) Great idea, will see what I can do.

    5) More on this next week ;-)

    6) As you say, they have Zombie, and, while it's not exactly the same, believe me, they run a LOT of automated tests, I have seen the monster machines they have for that. Embarcadero QA team it's a great team of people and they are doing a great job with latest versions of RAD Studio. We have just migrated the Delphi for PHP code from 2009 to 2010, and we are very pleased with the change. The selftest framework is called AutoTest and it's totally written from scratch. There is layer to automate visual tasks, which is completely independent, and over it, there is another layer which performs IDE actions, tied to the IDE. The tests use the IDE actions layer. Will check also to show how to create a test, as it may be useful for field testing.

    7) More on this next week ;-)

    8) More on this next week ;-)

    9) More on this next week ;-)

    Thanks again for your comment, we are working very hard and believe me, this kind of comments makes us push harder.

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    Ciprian Popa Wednesday, 19 May 2010

    Great answers ! (as I expected ..;)...)

    Hopefully, also the RAD team guys can learn from your very open way to talk about the product in devel (even with all the restrictions, maybe you can start "lobbying" in this regard ... you have my "support").
    IMHO, I see nothing to be afraid of a this kind of more transparent approach (as you did), but instead, as a tool vendor you'll attract more interest and you can get better feedback from your users (snick peaks, public betas...).

    I expressed some of my arguments (and benefits) for a more open/developer friendly approach from Embarcadero here:
    How to revive Turbos and still make Delphi & co affordable: some ideas

    Reg. [3] ... I'm totally stunned, since you end up rewriting all the nice features in RAD Studio 2010 ... almost all the Galileo IDE actually ?!?!...
    That's quite (positively) puzzling since (I think) you have just a small team behind you ! Anyway, long term, it might make sense to move to a "common base" (if there are no licensing issues). In this regard, can you elaborate on your actual type of collaboration with Embarcadero ? Is Embarcadero just the "store" for D4PHP, since you guys are the "engine" behind it ?

    So the next week you'll flood us again with some great new bits! ... I've already started the count down ;)

    10x for sharing all of this with us .. the regular "mortals" .. just want to triple my previous congrats after knowing all these ;)

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    Ciprian Popa Thursday, 20 May 2010

    As mentioned in my previous comment, I'll "lobby" for more transparency from Embarcadero & RAD Team, so I made this forum post:

    @RAD Team/Embarcadero managers: Time to learn from Jose Leon [Delphi for PHP]

    Hopefully, it will be read and understood into a positive way (based on my intention), and not taken lightly stamping it as yet-another-critic-non-sense.

    Jose, your work on Delphi for PHP just demonstrate what passion can do ! 10x again !

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    José León Thursday, 20 May 2010

    Embarcadero provides us with a lot of things we couldn't ever imagine three years ago, so they are not just a store ;-)

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