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In the last 5 months since Delphi for PHP was released, I have read many requests for examples in the user groups list, so I decided to write this post showing where you can download some  examples and what kind of examples is include in Delphi for PHP.

Examples in Code Central:

Example Description
Blog Application with InterBase Blog application wrote in Delphi for PHP and InterBase 2007
Ecommerce Application with InterBase A complete ecommerce application that explore a lot of features, like templates, VCL, database connection, image interaction, etc.
Simple Application using Smarty Templates Small application example, showing how to use Smarty Template integrating html and php pages

Examples inside Delphi for PHP

All of the examples below are part of Delphi for PHP and are located in: 1.0vclsamples

Some examples required some configuration before being able to execute, please read the README file before trying to execute.

Example Description
AjaxBasic This sample shows you how to use ajax in the easiest way, by using the ajaxCall method
AjaxDatabase This sample shows you how to use ajax to work with databases, it uses ajax to send to the server the table the user wants to browse, and change the table properties to open the right one.
BasicAuthentication This sample features the BasicAuthentication component, which allows you to use HTTP authentication with ease, without creating files on your server, just by sending the right headers to the browser.
BlogProject Blog application using MySQL
Button This sample shows the different usages for the Button component, how to use javascript, image buttons, hints, etc.
ButtonView This sample features the ButtonView component, which allows you to create a set of buttons with images.
Canvas This sample it doesn't contain a Page, but it features how you can use a Canvas object to generate graphics easily.
Clock This project shows you how to use the Clock component, to configure it and to react to the OnAlarm event.
Data AwareDatasetEvents This sample shows you how DataSet events work, you can test opening and closing and see how the Opening event will happen only once if the table is not opened, this is achieved by the persistence on properties.
Data AwareDBEvents Databases can fire events to inform you about several stages on the database connection.
Data Awaredbgrid Displaying information in DBGrid
Data AwareDBGridInterBase Displaying InterBase information in DBGrid
Data AwareDBPaginator Using the DBPaginator component
Data AwareMasterDetail This sample shows how to create a master detail with two grids, you need to set MasterSource and MasterFields properties with the appropriate values and also set the UseAjax property of the Page to true, as what we are doing is, when the row changes on the Master grid, call the server to updated the Detail grid.
Data Awarequery This samples shows you how to use a Query component to issue parametrized SQL statements.
Data AwareQuerySampleInterBase
Data AwareRowChanged Capturing the row change event in DBGrid using Java Script
Data AwareStoredProc Using store procedure to populate a DBCombo, stored procedure execution with parameters
Data AwareTransactions Working with database transactions
ECommerceExample This e-commerce example is based around a MySQL database
Frames Working with HTML Frames and database connection
FramesNoDB Working with HTML Frames
GetStylesFromStyleSheet Using CSS files to define the style sheet page
GroupBox Working with groupbox component
I18N Building a localized application
IBXdatabase Using IBX components to connect in InterBase database
IBXquery Using IBX components to execute queries
IBXstoredproc Using IBX components to execute stored procedures
IBXtable Using IBX components to open tables with Table component
Inheritance Working with inheritance pages (Master Page)
Internationalization Internationalizing applications
LayoutsColAndRowLayout Working with different types of layout
ListBox Working with listbox component
MainMenu Creating Menus for web
MainMenu2 Creating Menus with images for web
PageControl Using the PageControl component
ParentProperties Understanding the Parent properties concept
ProgressBar Using ProgressBar component
ScrollBar Using ScrollBar component
SimpleChart Using the SimpleChat to generate dynamic graphics
SimpleManagement Inserting, Deleting and Updating record getting the information’s from the HTML components
SimpleManagementAndJS Inserting, Deleting and Updating record getting the information’s from the HTML components and validating the required fields from JavaScript
Templates Integrating the php pages with HTML using templates
TrackBarDemo Using the trackbar component
TreeView Working with TreeView components
Web Service Creating a WebService component and using a Delphi Win32 client to connect
WebMail A sample showing the usage of graphical advanced components,
Windows To create desktop-like interfaces you can use the Window component, a container to place components inside and when running in the browser, it mimics a window you can move, resize, maximize, close, etc. You can also create modal dialogs

If you want more examples about Delphi for PHP, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you have some examples using Delphi for PHP and want to share with the community, please post in CodeCentral.


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    Study inside Delphi for PHP

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    Aubrey Moore Saturday, 4 August 2007

    The TreeView example is missing from my CD. Anyone know where I can download this project?

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    nice examples

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