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Here it's a presentation of a new component, it's called Autocomplete, and it allows you to show a list of options to the user as the user is typing. The option list can be stored on an array, provided by an event, or from a dataset using the LookupSource and LookupDisplay properties.

You can get this component from CodeCentral, completely free for Delphi for PHP registered users (any version), but if you are not a registered user and want to try it out, download the Delphi for PHP trial, and buy the component from here at the little price of 2 euro.

The component is a wrapper over jQuery Autocomplete.

On the video, I show how to use it, and how to provide the options for the list. First, using an static list of options (Items property), after that, providing them with an event (OnGetItems), in which Ajax is used. And, finally, attaching the componen to a Datasource, so don't miss the last part of the video, as it is very interesting. This component also works on Delphi for PHP 2.

Hope you like it.

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