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Some days ago I received a question from a customer, regarding using Ajax to fill a combobox, depending on the selection of another combobox. I thought it was a good idea to use that sample as a way of testing the new release and record a video of the process, so here is the result.

The goal of this sample is to allow the user select a US state on a combobox, and then, fill another combobox with the cities belonging to that state. I'm using a big ZIP code database and it would be not practical to do it using another method. This is one of the main uses of Ajax in web applications.

This is also a nice example on how you can use the Query.Params property to get dynamic results and how the new SQL Window and Data Explorer work.


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    Ciprian Popa Thursday, 3 June 2010

    Hi Leon,

    About two weeks ago, you respond to me: "Regarding your questions, some of them can be answered now, and some others will be answered next week, we are getting ready something that will provide you the answers, so stay tunned" ...

    Since lately you had very interesting posts (ex: Data Explorer), the more interesting ones (OTAPI, test framework .. , etc) are not yet responded ;)

    I'm patient, no problem, and is good to see how many goodies are prepared for the next release of D4PHP

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    José León Thursday, 3 June 2010

    Please, check the brainstorm site, and let me know which things are not answered there.

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