Delphi education training and events in South Africa.

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Embarcadero is working hard to support Delphi in education in South Africa (as well as else where). Earlier this year, Computer Science and ICT in South Africa got a boost when Embarcadero engaged with schools and academic institutions to get access to the programming tools they need to deliver the curriculum.

We have had a lot of support from a number of people in terms of making this possible, but someone we have been working closely with for a while is Bertie Buitendag, Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of ICT at TUT university. This week Bertie has been running some well attended teacher training based on the CAPS IT for Grade 11 students.

One of the key reasons teachers in South Africa continue to use Delphi, and are moving back to Delphi Programming again is that they want to make computer sciences enjoyable, simple and fun. Delphi really helps this in a number of ways; including having a friendly easy to read language, full object orientated notations, but most importantly by having a compiler!

The benefit of having a compiler is key in encouraging students to take up and stick with programming. Without a compiler it is hard for students to understand where errors are being made. Sounds a small thing, but makes a massive difference and has a huge impact on writing code where you can quickly see where there are errors and help address them. If you compare that to Python or Java Script, your soon understand what a benefit a proper compiler brings.

Thanks to Bertie for the approval to post this image, and congratulations on such a well organised event.

Other events in South Africa?

This event is also being followed up with an IT Workshop being run this weekend that I have the pleasure of presenting at; "Limpopo Embarcadero Delphi IT Schools Workshop". The event is primarily for Grade 11 / 12 students and teachers, but we also have some grade 10 students attending as well. In total around 200 students and teachers will be attending. So watch out for more on that soon.

For our wide community, and those who were also lucky enough to get into our sold out event in Johannesburg and Cape Town next week. Look forward to seeing you then on Monday Tuesday.
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    bernard sibanda Wednesday, 17 April 2013

    Bertie is South Africa's Delphi savior. Thumbs up to Limpopo Embarcadero Delphi IT Schools Workshop.

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