Delphi Developer Days 2012 in Amsterdam today and tomorrow

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I'm just sitting at the first day of Delphi Developer Days 2012 workshop organized by Cary Jensen and Marco Cantu in the city centre of Amsterdam. This is the second stop of the tour. Earlier this week DDD 2012 were delivered in London and next stops are Washington DC, Chicago, Frankfurt and Rome. Check out the details at

I had the privilege to do a short "RAD Studio XE2" keynote presentation and also took this as the opportunity to introduce to the audience new Embarcadero Sales Director for Benelux, Alexander Goes, who used to work with me back in the Borland days in Amstelveen office. Embarcadero is clearly growing and one of the signs of it is reopening of the Embarcadero office in Amstelveen for Benelux countries.

The attendees at DDD in Amsterdam are not only from the Netherlands, but also from other countries like Belgium, Norway, Denmark and even Greece. Marco and Cary are great Delphi experts and speakers. Beyond live sessions every attendee also received 450 pages printed book with the contents of all the sessions and more.

Marco showed a very nice FireMonkey demo application running on iPad. Depending on iPad position the direction of light components is changing, so the lighting on the sphere changes. I loved it:-)

Right now Marco goes into the inner working of FireMonkey styles... That's super interesting stuff to see how flexible FireMonkey styles are...

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    davood Thursday, 19 April 2012

    من يك دلفي كار حرفااي هستم كه در منزل خود ه تنهايي كار كردم

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