Delphi DataSnap REST server and jQueryMobile web client tutorial available

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I have just put together a little EDN article about using jQueryMobile JavaScript library in your Delphi XE2 "DataSnap REST Application" projects. The idea was to demonstrate how to call server-side functions implemented in native Delphi code from the JavaScript client embedded in a web page using very popular jQueryMobile framework for pages optimized for web browsers running in smartphones.

Here are the screenshots from the resulting "Hello World" jQueryMobile-enabled web application:

This article is really a logical continuation to my DelphiLabs episode where I have demonstrated how to generate jQueryMobile code on-the-fly in Delphi, but I have not included the possibility to call DataSnap server methods. Now the demo is complete and I can safely dive into the exciting new world of FireMonkey, cross-platform development and going mobile:-)


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    Ersan YAKIT Tuesday, 31 January 2012


    thanks for share...

    kind regards..

    Ersan YAKIT
    Diwio Creative Media

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    Francisco Dueñas Tuesday, 31 January 2012

    Thanks for sharing, can this demo be executing in Delphi XE1 architect?

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    Pawel Tuesday, 31 January 2012

    You can use this code with no problems in Delphi XE (1) version. The wizard in XE1 is slightly different but there are no fundamental changes in DataSnap architecture between XE and XE2. Now the IDE wizard is enhanced and you could use secure HTTPS protocol for communication.


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    [...] 这个演示展示了如何生成jQuery只读标记。 如果你感兴趣如何使用DataSnap休息和jQuery移动交互式网页,看看我的博客在这里。 [...]

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