Delphi Boot Camp Day 5 - Stepping up to Mobile and Database Development

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This page contains resources and the replay for day 5 (September 9th, 2016) of the Delphi Boot Camp.


Jim McKeeth 

Jim McKeeth 
Evangelist & Engineer 
Embarcadero Technologies 


  • Introduction to the mobile platforms
  • Prototyping mobile apps on Windows
  • Using platform services
  • Conditional defines
  • The mobile compilers
  • Understanding ARC memory management
  • Deployment manager
  • Making the move to mobile
  • Introduction to FireDAC
  • Embedded Databases



Q&A Logs

1st Session


Q: If you purchased pro edition with both add on then what is the difference between your pro  and enterprise edition the checklist seems to indicate "DataSnap multi-tier SDK" what is this feature and are there any other differences?

A: Pro + Mobile Addon Pack + FireDAC Client Server Addon Pack = Enterprise.


Q: What components are most suitable for displaying larger amounts of formatted text and smooth scrolling in a mobile app? Apart from using WebView.

A: TListView is best. TMS Software has a RichEdit component for FMX you might check out.


Q: Is there example code to implement the equivalent of windows file explorer?

A: No, but there are some great free shell controls which implement a lot of Explorer functionality already


Q: Is a Delphi Berlin compatible with Seattle?

A: Yes. You can install both on the same computer, and projects made in Seattle can be opened in Berlin


Q: Is there an example of using identity and authentication information maintained on the Android and iOS devices? e.g. Using the authenticated Google ID in a phone to access the user's Google calendar from my app.

A: you can use a combination of lower level API  calls. We do have support now for getting to the Contacts info using a component - TAddressBook -


Q: I've heard somewhere that is possible to add multiple DFM's for each PAS, so each DFM will target a different platform. Is that true?

A: Yes! Using the multi-device designer, it's very cool. You create one UI, but tweak / change it per platform as much as you want, and the right version will be loaded when the form is created


Q: how can we add special characters to JSON? like ç ª º ~ ^

A: You can use any Unicode character in a JSON string, and there are some escape sequences for special characters like tabs. So you can just type it in the string :) Delphi strings are Unicode, JSON is Unicode, it should work fine. See


Q: Is ClientDataSet still used or FireDac introduce newer DataSet classes?

A: FireDAC has datasets that are very compatible with the original CDS class


Q: Thank you for this Delphi Bootcamp. It was excellent..... :)

A: You are very welcome

2nd Session


Q: Where do I put my database file for a mobile app on Android or iOS, for example, a SQLite-File? On Windows, I use mostly the Exe-directory or a subdir from this.

A: EXE folder is not a good idea on Windows - Program Files permissions require no writing, you will find your file IO is silently redirected to a shadow path. For all platforms, use System.IOUtils.TPath.GetDocumentsPath or similar for documents (or another method for private app data.) Lots of x-plat methods there


Q: With all this talk of managing releasing of objects, does this version support TInterfacedObject?

A: Yes! Interfaces work exactly as they always have. ARC, in fact, is very like using interfaces, just for all objects not just interfaced ones.


Q: Are there noteworthy differences between Platform-versions to be aware of when developing apps? (Like apps for either iOS8, iOS9 or iOS10)

A: An FMX app should work on all of them (if they're on our supported platforms list: )


  • Roberto N19441
    Roberto N19441 Sunday, 11 September 2016

    Is there any repository for the presented examples?

  • Jim McKeeth
    Jim McKeeth Wednesday, 14 September 2016

    I created them from scratch in the video. Didn't think there was enough to share them here. Perhaps I can.

    SERGIO T PIZA Saturday, 10 September 2016

    Hello Jim,
    it's possible review Delphi Boot Camp Day 5 on youtube channel Embarcadero Technologies, I have searched and have not found . Thanks

  • Jim McKeeth
    Jim McKeeth Wednesday, 14 September 2016

    Link is above.

  • Roberto D12159
    Roberto D12159 Saturday, 10 September 2016

    Hello Jim,
    it's possible review Delphi Boot Camp Day 5 on youtube channel Embarcadero Technologies, I have searched and have not found and it's possible download the code of the examples?
    Best regards,

  • Jim McKeeth
    Jim McKeeth Wednesday, 14 September 2016

    Link is above.

  • VINÍCIUS F13719
    VINÍCIUS F13719 Saturday, 3 September 2016

    Just waiting the time.

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