Delphi and C++Builder Fest in Eindhoven Today

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Just back home from fabulous Delphi and C++Builder "The LAB" conference today in Eindhoven (the city of Philips), The Netherlands.

What a day! Lots of programmers gathered to learn something new and get inspired! One photo is a thousand of words:-)

The LAB conference started from few words from Raymond Horsten, who is owner and the main director of Barnsten, the company that represents Embarcadero to Benelux and France, and organized this great international event!

After the keynote Jens Fudge, Embarcadero MVP from Denmark, did an excellent FireDAC "tips and tricks" session including showing the new Google Calendar FireDAC Enterprise Connector.

The problem with this big conferences is choices. After Jens session, there were three simultaneous tracks to choose from. So many big experts, but you cannot be at all sessions. My first choice was the session from David Millington, Embarcadero C++Builder Product Manager. I'm not a C++ person, but it was very interesting to learn why CLang compilers and C++11 language improvements are the way to go. New initialisers syntax, functors, "auto" types, smart pointers... 

Choices again. Danny Wind from the The Delphi Company is one the best Delphi experts I know. His Delphi VCL Windows 10 modernisation was really well attended and and very informative.

The most inspiring session for me today was by Stephen Glienke. It was about "reactive" library for Delphi. It was all about moving Object Pascal language into the future. His library is impressive. Fluent syntax, generics, anonymous code. Very impressive!

There were so many other interesting sessions, but I just could not be in too many places at the same time!

The closing session was fun. David Millington showed how you can easily consume C++ libraries from Delphi code in a very elegant way. You just declare a Delphi class with virtual, abstract methods, generate C++ headers and implement it in pure C++. That's a way to go to consume all cool C++ libraries from Delphi and a reason to upgrade to RAD Studio:-)

See You next year!

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