Delphi 2007 for Win32 and Delphi for PHP Launch Seminar in Madrid

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Almost 100 Spanish Delphi developers gathered last Friday in Hotel Puerta America in Madrid to watch new Delphi 2007 for Win32 and Delphi for PHP. The event was organized by Danysoft - CodeGear partner for Spain and Portugal. The seminar venue matched CodeGear products in terms of innovation and modern look-and-feel. The hotel is very new and its design is exciting. Check the hotel website to get an idea. Every single floor is completely different and was designed by different artist. Some floors looked like scenography for psycho thriller, while others almost like a space ship. Inspiring and interesting place.

The Delphi for PHP session was presented by Jose Leon. This was a great opportunity to see this tremendous product presented by its architect. The audience enjoyed the presentation of Delphi for PHP features including database development and debugging in Spanish. Jose Leon proved to be a very good speaker already during the recent CodeRage'07 virtual conference and his presentations are also available for download ("Introduction to Visual Component Library for PHP (VCL for PHP)" and "Introduction to using InterBase with Delphi for PHP").

Delphi developers Luis Alfonso Rey from  Danysoft is presenting DBX4 The space and time is  warping... Jose Leon - Delphi for  PHP Architect

More CodeGear news and events are coming from the Iberian Peninsula soon so stay tuned!

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    David Howes Saturday, 21 April 2007

    So when are we going to see all the CodeGear blogs with 'powered by VCL for PHP' logo's then ? I think that would be the time I start taking the product seriously.

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