Deferring C++ Rename Refactoring from 10.1 Berlin Update 2

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A couple of weeks ago, we discussed a feature planned for the upcoming Update 2 of C++Builder 10.1 Berlin, C++ rename refactoring. This feature allows you to right-click on any identifier in your C++ code, and rename it throughout the project.

Unfortunately, we have had to defer the feature from Update 2. After having shared the potential feature with the community, this is sure to be a disappointment to you, as well as to us. I’d like to share with you why, and also give you some good news about when to expect it.

Very late in testing Update 2, we identified two critical bugs in rename refactoring. Both of these were to do with some complex situations including when the file was in a specific encoding on disk but converted to UTF8 by the editor, or other situations where encodings changed from one encoding to another, and resulted in code corruption: the replacement of an identifier with the new name could occur at the wrong location in code, offset by a few characters.

This left us in a difficult situation: should we delay releasing Update 2 by potentially a couple of weeks, or instead defer the feature?

The bug itself is relatively straightforward, but the matrix of situations in which it can and can not occur, and its effects each time, is complex. We were not confident that a quick fix would reliably address the issue.

Quality is important, and so we chose to ensure that we address the issue robustly and release the feature certain of its quality. That meant we deferred it from Update 2.

Good news

We were only able to do this because licenses are now under update subscription. Update subscription allows us to release features throughout the year, instead of having a single major release followed only by bugfixes. This means any feature that misses one release is a candidate for the next, and all update subscription customers will get the feature. Rename refactoring will be in the next release.

On a side note, as you may know, C++Builder is coming to Linux!  We plan to have a public beta of the C++ support quite soon, to which all update subscription customers will be invited.

David Millington

C++ Product Manager

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C++ Product Manager, looking after C++Builder as well as the IDE.


  • runny_babbit911
    runny_babbit911 Friday, 25 November 2016

    It's OK. Please make sure you product is of high standards. Please make it worth to switch from Visual Studio.
    On the personal note, I hope David you are not just another "manager" who doesn't give a 'tuck' about this product and all he thinks is paycheck and his CV.
    This is a great product you have on your hands, it needs just little TLC. Don't waste this opportunity.

  • Dance L4402
    Dance L4402 Friday, 18 November 2016

    will be better

  • Milen L
    Milen L Thursday, 17 November 2016

    Do not worry about delay of rename refactoring, David.
    You at Embarcadero do a really great job evolving C++ Builder. It is really appreciated by all of developers.

  • David Millington
    David Millington Friday, 25 November 2016

    Thankyou! Working hard to evolve it :)

  • Daniele Teti
    Daniele Teti Tuesday, 15 November 2016

    Really appreciated move David!

  • David Millington
    David Millington Wednesday, 16 November 2016

    Thanks Daniele.

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