Deep Dive Into Manual Creation, Templates, Frames, And Sub-Components Of Composite Delphi VCL Controls

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This CodeRage X replay session investigates the various techniques involved in creating composite controls including manual creation, component templates, frame components, and sub-components. Along the way, guidelines for the effective use of each technique will be presented along with the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

The session is by Ray Konopka who is the president and founder of Raize Software, an Embarcadero Technology Partner providing high-quality, innovative developer tools since 1995. Ray is the creator of CodeSite and the Konopka Signature VCL Controls (formerly called Raize Components). He is also the author of the highly acclaimed Developing Custom Delphi Components books, a co-author of several other Delphi books, and has published numerous articles on software development. Ray specializes in user interface design, custom component development, and mobile solutions. An engaging presenter, Ray is an Embarcadero MVP and a frequent speaker at developer conferences.

Ray will also be presenting a session in CodeRage XI which is coming up soon. You can register for CodeRage XI right now and get access to all kinds of new sessions themed around Productivity, Platforms and Performance.

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