DBArtisan now supports Microsoft SQL Azure databases

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Today, at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC'09) in Los Angeles, Embarcadero Technologies announced DBArtisan for the SQL Azure database from Microsoft. The special edition of DBArtisan helps organizations expedite the deployment and simplify the management of cloud-based databases and applications.

DBArtisan for SQL Azure provides for basic database administration at the schema level, including object management and editors, SQL editing and schema extraction, as well as migration utilities to facilitate data migration from Microsoft SQL Server to SQL Azure. The tool enables enterprises to build symmetrical on-premise and cloud-based SQL Azure Database deployments, reducing in-house IT infrastructure costs and making certain data sets more readily available to offsite consumers.

Developers and database administrators can download a trial version of DBArtisan for SQL Azure.  Information about the steps to download and register the trial are listed on the DBArtisan for SQL Azure product page.  You'll also need a Microsoft SQL Azure account.

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    not given Saturday, 16 October 2010

    Microsoft has sunk to a new low . . . using “trial traps” . . . yes one must contact customer support to cancel a trial. There’s plenty of opportunity to sign up for more services but they make it very hard to cancel. I called Microsoft support . . . all the options for Azure support were available EXCEPT the one to cancel . . . it says they are CLOSED! I’m just going to tell my credit card company to charge back all Microsoft fees and move on to open source . . . there’s plenty of free software out there that works suffciently well given the cost. Azure is lack luster to say the least and high priced given the limited services. BTW: I was a devoted Microsoft customer for 15 years . . . I’m also a MCSE . . . but I’m giving up on Microsoft because they really are indifferent, at best, to the impact they have on customers.

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