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How Samsung became the king of CES and where it's going next http://buff.ly/16CCu3I

The secret engine technology that made the SR-71 the fastest plane ever http://buff.ly/1AF8ux7

Dell Reveals Problem Areas Adopting Cloud, Big Data and Mobility | CloudTimes http://buff.ly/1sJoXMj

From Pony Express to Warp Speed: 5 Ways Market Research Will Evolve in 2015 and Beyond| Mobile Marketing Watch | http://buff.ly/1AF8IV3

Profile Delphi Firemonkey Android CPU And GPU App Usage With GameBench - http://buff.ly/1CdruH1

Nexus Quality Suite -  fine tune your Delphi & C++Builder apps to the highest performance and quality standards - http://buff.ly/1AQRLXt

Debug Delphi Firemonkey Android Apps On Windows And OSX With BlueStacks - http://buff.ly/16CEs48

Delphi and NFC on Android - blog post by Brian Long - http://buff.ly/16CEAAC

President Barack Obama, the first president programmer - Developer Tech http://buff.ly/1Jz21tF

Bluetooth 4.2 wants to be "the foundation for the IoT" - Developer Tech http://buff.ly/1v50aCc

Embarcadero Technologies' RAD Studio named "Best of 2014" in the Mobile Star Awards http://buff.ly/1wykwnS

Streem ("Matz" Matsumoto) is a concurrent scripting language similar to shell with Ruby, Erland, ... infliuences - http://buff.ly/1DUOMmI

It’s that time of year. Christmas, New Years, etc. Don’t forget your holiday physics homework.  - WIRED http://buff.ly/13ETYun

Opinion: The State of Windows Phone - Developer Tech http://buff.ly/1AQVvZg

Girls Who Code Expands To Get More Young Women In Computer Science Majors | TechCrunch http://buff.ly/1CdzZ4W

Hire a coder at San Quentin - Need a coder? You might be able to find one in an unlikely place -- behind bars - http://buff.ly/1xy9Xru

The best and luckiest CEOs of 2014 - CNNMoney - http://buff.ly/1JVh0hJ

53+ Free Image Sources For Your Blog and Social Media Posts http://buff.ly/1t6FK1E

Quick SEO Wins: 31 Ideas From The Experts | Matter Solutions http://buff.ly/1vjIJPu

Unmasking The Hidden Digital Marketing Strategies of 9 Successful Startups - cognitiveSEO http://buff.ly/1t6HCaJ

10 Ways To Be A Better Employee In 2015 | Fast Company | Business + Innovation http://buff.ly/1EPpFSM

Hottest New Year Trend? Digging into the Benefits of Big Data| Mobile Marketing Watch | http://buff.ly/1JyVsaG

The Best Medical Technologies of 2014 http://buff.ly/1vKql2w

Apple’s First Automatic Security Update Protects Your Mac In the Background | TechCrunch http://buff.ly/16MLkMp

This Cybersecurity Medicine Might Be Tough To Swallow | TechCrunch http://buff.ly/1EPs5AU

Google's 'goofy' new self-driving car a sign of things to come - San Jose Mercury News http://buff.ly/1reRvSn

If You’re Feeling Unappreciated, Give Someone Else Credit - HBR http://buff.ly/1GWVXsV 

Cutting Through the Jargon of the Content Marketing Industry | Social Media Today http://buff.ly/1vnqs3U

Startup Brain Power Uses Google Glass To Develop Apps For Kids With Autism | TechCrunch http://buff.ly/13E68Uk

Logical to Physical Data Modeling http://buff.ly/1GX2d3S

Sponsors bring technology & project ideas to Hack UCSC | Santa Cruz Tech Beat http://buff.ly/1wklWCk

5 Rules For Video Content Marketing In 2015 | Visually Blog http://buff.ly/1wFB9Dj


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