David I's (@davidi99) Tweets of the Week - Nov 1-7, 2015

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David I's Embarcadero Developer Community Challenge - build a great app using 0, 1 or 2 lines of code... http://buff.ly/1M8roS6

Delphi and REST client development - video shows how easy it is to build REST clients for iOS and Android - http://buff.ly/1izbmrT

Starts Nov 10! Q4 2015 Developer Skill Sprints every Tuesday: Code, tips, tricks, Windows 10, Android and more - http://buff.ly/1Pb5ALo

Important Note about using the Google Maps API from Desktop Apps http://buff.ly/1XBgqMe

10 Must-Read Books You Didn’t Know Were About Software Testing http://buff.ly/1RfVuq8

Mossberg: The Steve Jobs I Knew Isn't in This Movie http://buff.ly/1H2JRSV

TMS Software | Blog | TMS FMX Chart update with new virtual mode available for Delphi and C++Builder - http://buff.ly/1M3bCLG

Using the Network List Manager (NLM) API from Delphi http://buff.ly/1KHs9j0

Delphi and REST Client Development - a Brazilian developer was amazed what you can do in a few minutes - http://buff.ly/1MkjqV5

Scientists Build A Working 'Star Trek' Tractor Beam - In Miniature - Forbes http://buff.ly/1PW6fj4

iOS OS device usage - iOS9(66%), iOS8(25%), Earlier(9%) - measured by App Store on November 2. Apple Developer Dashboard - http://buff.ly/1GPQHLN

Android OS device usage - JellyBean(29%), KitKat(37.8%), Lollipop(25.6%) - 7-day period ending November 2, 2015 Android Developer Dashboard http://buff.ly/1WEyAzz

New DMCA exemption allows games with “abandoned” servers to be revived - right to "local play" on games paid for http://buff.ly/1WkpClz

Gamasutra: Arturs Sosins's Blog - The list of best free and affordable game graphics resources http://buff.ly/1KHmbhW

Microsoft Project Oxford Documentation - Build your own solutions with any language or dev platform http://buff.ly/1PSmWfY

Microsoft Project Oxford Natural-Language Machine-Learning APIs Beta Debuts http://buff.ly/1KHlEN8

Cloud traffic to surge courtesy of IoT, says Cisco - 8.6 zettabyttes by end of 2019 | ZDNet http://buff.ly/1O9rezn

Who's Afraid of Cloud Analytics? | ZDNet http://buff.ly/1PSmxKB

A look at SparkFun's Fellowship of the Things video series - IoT- http://buff.ly/1RfJnJy

Learn top tips from Kongregate to achieve success with Store Listing Experiments | Android Developers Blog http://buff.ly/1PW1rtV

Development Examples of Real World Beacon Applications: http://buff.ly/1l8iVYs

Apple Shows Off Its First-Ever Piece Of Virtual Reality Content With U2 Music Video http://buff.ly/1MkbAuv

New Copyright Exemptions Mean You Can Hack Your Own Car And Jailbreak Your Tablets http://buff.ly/1PSl2vQ

Baker Street: Avoiding Bottlenecks with a Client-Side Load Balancer for Microservices - The New Stack http://buff.ly/1MTxPrH

Founders, Builders, and Operators - Which persona are you — Medium http://buff.ly/20a5Rlx

Webinar: Great Scott! Dealing with New Datatypes with Karen Lopez - Tuesday November 10, 2015 at 11am Pacific Time - http://buff.ly/1O7qevH

Apple doesn't want you weighing things with your iPhone just yet - using the 3D touch feature to weigh things - http://buff.ly/1RBhUBY

What is Android 6.0 Marshmallow All About? "Now on Tap", new/better search and voice control, flex storage, etc - http://buff.ly/20a43Zy

Ensuring a Consistent Design Without an Upfront Design Phase | Developers http://buff.ly/1WitraT

Incorporating UI Design in Agile Sprints http://buff.ly/1O7oZg1

Marketers Use Social Media Not Just to Build the Brand, But to Bolster Engagement| Mobile Marketing Watch | http://buff.ly/1Mib3cB

Why LinkedIn Is Now Such a Powerful Content Marketing Tool http://buff.ly/20a31Na

Microsoft Seeking Beta Testers for Cortana on iOS http://buff.ly/1RwiCRw

Making the Case for Content Marketing: Research & Statistics http://buff.ly/1Re7Eja

Google's second OnHub router is built by ASUS, goes on sale this week http://buff.ly/1PQvjJ5

Oracle pushes into AWS territory with new IaaS services - inlcuding compute cloud, storage cloud and more - http://buff.ly/1MsSV5X

Google finds severe holes in Galaxy S6 Edge, some remotely exploitable | ZDNet http://buff.ly/1P9iDNf

IBM splashing $2bn on the digital arm of the Weather Company - http://buff.ly/1O7mLNK

Now You Can Design Your Own Custom Raspberry Pi http://buff.ly/1PQu64t

30% of iPhone Buyers in Q4 2015 Switched from an Android Smartphone http://buff.ly/1MrGNSJ

Thanks To The iPhone, Apple Had Another Insane Quarter http://buff.ly/2097mjR

Overnight Tech: Copyright exemptions spark new calls for reform http://buff.ly/1GHw2JD

Twitter Targets Brands With Its New Analytics Hub http://buff.ly/208pIkV

Why The Wearables Developer Market Population Is Taking A Plunge http://buff.ly/1N4P120

An In-Depth Look at Storage and App Thinning on the New Apple TV http://buff.ly/1NxZYYm

6 Factors in Taking Over an Existing Business http://buff.ly/1MQDlvm

20 Inspiring and Valuable Quotes on Leadership http://buff.ly/1MgketY

Internet of Things Tech Seen as a Boost for Businesses http://buff.ly/1H0Nedk

5 Variables Make It Tough to Be the Next Uber of Whatever http://buff.ly/1N4Oi0V

6 Ways to Show People You're Really Listening http://buff.ly/1O4TKlH

Ready to Go Full Time With Your Side Gig? Consider These 8 Factors First. http://buff.ly/1KCEox8

Smarter Copyright Laws Could Stop the Next VW Scandal http://buff.ly/1NxZCB3

Michael Jordan, Mark Cuban Betting $44 Million on Sportradar’s Data http://buff.ly/1LzlNGf

Underwater internet cables could be the next target in tech warfare http://buff.ly/208ooyD

How OpenStack's Project Navigator aims to steer users' cloud choices | ZDNet http://buff.ly/1OUJDQD

World Wide Web Creator, Tim Berners-Lee, Implores Europe To Protect Net Neutrality http://buff.ly/207twD2

Apple enlists Stephen Curry and Jamie Foxx to make it look cooler - CNET http://buff.ly/1NwDO8X

With Pico, The Keurig For Beer Is Finally Here - Forbes http://buff.ly/207trPO

Apple faces lawsuit over data bills tied to Wi-Fi Assist - CNET http://buff.ly/1MnaZhQ

'Facebook At Work' Could Be A Stepping Stone Toward A Real Enterprise Software Suite http://buff.ly/207tniZ

10 Apple TV features you’ll use http://buff.ly/1kIuSnh

IBM Tells the Amazing Story of a Blind Distance Runner and the App That Keeps Him Going http://buff.ly/1KAGdKW

Google is using an AI called 'RankBrain' to answer ambiguous questions http://buff.ly/1KAG1LS

Oracle's Larry Ellison unveils new services, products in cloud push http://buff.ly/1O2SGii

IBM Launches Apache Spark-as-a-Service Offering http://buff.ly/1KAFBoL

Behold! The Mighty Function http://buff.ly/1KAFsl3


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