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You can also now run managed backups on system databases. SQL Server 2016 now supports the simple recovery mode. http://buff.ly/1HrYbPL

Join the conversation on our community site and find the latest Database News, Blog Posts, and Event Info: http://buff.ly/1MdmFhZ

More InterBase connection strings than you shake a stick at! http://buff.ly/1SpHLy3

Apple's Tim Cook's email after Melbourne incident - "ensure all our customers are treated the way they should be." http://buff.ly/1MvTsPv

RAD Solution Pack - the ultimate collection of VCL and FMX tools & components for Delphi and C++Builder. http://buff.ly/1PbdKn7

Users authenticated by Microsoft® Windows and who have rights to Analysis Services can connect -  http://buff.ly/1Rws1bD

Did you miss a DataU Conf session? Or, did you want to see your favorite one again? Watch on demand now: http://buff.ly/1Rws2wh #eDataU 

IoT News: How People Are Actually Using the Internet of Things. http://buff.ly/1Qe84rx

Amazon Web Services Programming with Delphi CodeRageX session: http://buff.ly/1RwuqTE

Cloud Market Share: Amazon 36.9%, Microsoft 8.7%, Salesforce 4.7%, Oracle 3.4%, Rackspace 3.2%, Google (2.2%) - http://buff.ly/1SPzCTw

Learn the Top 6 Essential Data Architecture Insights in this eBook: http://buff.ly/1Wx1AsX

Build apps for the Internet of Things. Find #IoT Sample Code here: http://buff.ly/1RVwSmt

How do #BigData and #DataWarehouse complement each other? @Bill_Inmon explains in this whitepaper. http://buff.ly/1Nt3WTM

Lytro dives into virtual reality filmmaking with debut of its Immerge video camera http://buff.ly/1Wzr09o

Toyota plans $1B R&D push on A.I. and robotics in U.S. http://buff.ly/1WBQFhx

YouTube’s Grand Plan to Make VR Accessible to Everybody http://buff.ly/1RzgeJC

Chronos Is Working on Technology to Make All Watches Smart - plastic-based disc 2.5mm thin and 33mm wide - http://buff.ly/1XUthcr

Developer Skill Sprint - Tuesday, Nov 17, 2015: "GPU Computing with OpenCL" for Delphi and C++Builder 10 Seattle - http://buff.ly/1HR7QFl

Google apparently wants to design its own smartphone chips. SoC requests to chip manufacturers and plans processors. http:/buff.ly/1L10qdj

Lookout Discover 20,000 Malware Apps Able To Root Devices  - found apps containing the necessary code - http://buff.ly/1NTHBx7

Microsoft risks IT ire with Windows 10 update push  - Windows as a service concept http://buff.ly/1PeL38P

Drone Maker DJI Takes Minority Stake In Iconic Swedish Camera Company Hasselblad - large enough for a BoD seat - http://buff.ly/1L10Ujw

Microsoft finally ties the knot with Red Hat for Linux on Azure http://buff.ly/1Nh1ag2

ER/Studio Model Repository Database Sizing Guide for IBM DB2 http://buff.ly/1GOH1Bi

CodeRage X conference Delphi and C++Builder replay videos are now on Embarcadero's YouTube channel http://buff.ly/1Nh5iwC

What Americans Really Think About Virtual Reality http://buff.ly/1NTU1Fe

IoT News: What big industry will do to the Internet of Things http://buff.ly/1O1Lz6U

Delphi and C++Builders - get to 10 Seattle now, or fall behind 1.3m+ other Windows developers  -  Evans Data/eWeek - http://buff.ly/1MSOFLF

Check out the ODBC Connectivity tips in this blog post: http://buff.ly/1HFtsyY

A new blog post on C++ Multi-Threading for Mobile and Desktop Apps. http://buff.ly/1HFtR4s

IoT News: THE INTERNET OF THINGS 2015 REPORT: Examining how the IoT will affect the world. http://buff.ly/1Qsibcw #IoT

Are you tracking and measuring how often apps are used and on which platforms they are running? http://buff.ly/1MJcyAE

Installing InterBase XE7 on Linux: http://buff.ly/1NIecI4

IoT News: The Internet of Things Will Drive the Digital Transformation of Industry. http://buff.ly/1WLj84O #IoT

NVIDIA Launches New GPUs For Deep Learning Applications, Partners With Mesosphere http://buff.ly/1knqBWv

Apple's Next Big Thing: Medical Devices? Tim Cook interview in The Telegraph -  http://buff.ly/1NIfF0U

Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 IoT Core on Intel Galileo boards November 30 http://buff.ly/1O69vbj

Alphabet Just Extended Its Artificial Intelligence Reach - Tensor Flow for free --  The Motley Fool http://buff.ly/1QgHvTG

$99 Samsung Gear VR Now Available To Pre-Order http://buff.ly/1QgHAXu

Apple TV ‘Tech Talks’ Coming To Major Cities Across The Globe http://buff.ly/1NIihfp

Suddenly Every Company Is Becoming A Venture Capitalist http://buff.ly/1QsP20F

Migrating legacy C++ Builder Apps to C++ Builder 10 Seattle http://buff.ly/1QsPmwp

Few Options For Veterans Looking To Enter Tech http://buff.ly/1M6MvGA

30 years of Windows: 10 milestones that changed the face of computing | ZDNet - Windows 1 was "tiled" - http://buff.ly/1SLTre0

Q&A: Epic President Carl Dvorak - tech approach to population health - http://buff.ly/1MKBJCY

Google to move all of its cloud services under one umbrella - will it get letter "C"?  http://buff.ly/1NgFdne

Courting HIPAA risk with mesaging apps http://buff.ly/1MKBN5K

Recent survey says: 4.7-inch Found To Be The Most Popular Phone Screen Size http://buff.ly/1LqEbNS

Video Content Marketing: The Three Es of Success  - entertain, enlighten, engage - barely mention brand - http://buff.ly/1QilMKU

Microsoft's Containers Come to Hyper-V -- Virtualization Review http://buff.ly/1QzcISh

M2M & IoT Ecosystem: 2015-2030 - Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Verticals & Forecasts - $250b by 2020 - http://buff.ly/1MKCk7J

INFOGRAPHIC: Marketers vs. Creatives - creatives need good relationship w/ marketers to produce effective content - http://buff.ly/1iUmvDQ

Tim Cook thinks Microsoft's Surface Book is ‘deluded' - talking during iPad Pro publicity tour stop in Ireland - http://buff.ly/1HI8dfN

How Has Big Data Changed Your Life? - DZone Big Data http://buff.ly/1OEuUtf

Tech Infrastructure In The Developing World http://buff.ly/1MIhgDi

Google publishes support docs detailing new wrist gestures, speaker support in Android Wear 1.4 http://buff.ly/1HJeoFN

Apple is making a grab for Venmo’s turf and might use iMessage to do it http://buff.ly/1kUuVMF

Invite More Testers in TestFlight - News and Updates - Apple Developer http://buff.ly/1OKaWgS

There's a Hidden Connection Between Pi and Quantum Mechanics http://buff.ly/1RV8ykY

Challenges to Widespread IoT deployment  - Industrial IoT and Security are the immediate opportunities - EE Times http://buff.ly/1MIi62O


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