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I'm a big proponent of practical, usable UIs that are easy to understand and pleasant to look at. As an ongoing series, there are a number of blogs posts on UI design.

How To Design a Great UI

A practical approach to taking a mockup or first cut of a UI, and improving it.


Part 1 looked at some basic principles of UI design, a typical UI design workflow, what it means for a UI to be ‘intuitive’, some examples, and started with an example ‘bad’ UI that could be a first cut at a UI for a feature or the first version of a mockup.

Part 2 moved into a practical approach, and examined confusion from users’ eyes. Using the ‘bad’ UI, we asked questions about it, several of which led to changes in the UI.

Part 3 improves how data is presented and how the controls interact with each other and with the user; examines making the dialog look more standard on Windows; shows a ‘recipe’ for things to do when implementing a dialog; the role of animations in UIs; and ends with the final UI which is not flashy, but it is clear, modern, elegant, and usable.




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